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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Meditation experiences

My Meditation experiences 
Composed by
+Cindy Groulx 

 Hi, Dear Friends and Followers! Today I would like to share a short entry on some of my meditational experiences.

Have you ever sat in meditation and whatever you were day dreaming in your mind suddenly materialised right before your wide awake, open eyes? I love taking walks in the woods. I stop and just sit on the ground, close my eyes, and just relax and listen to the wind sighing in the trees above me. There I can fantasize myself into any world I wish. My best ideas for writing come from such excursions in the woods.

I was raised in the woodlands of Ontario, so I am very much a "woods person" who loves and appreciates nature. In nature, I have often fancied the fairy tale worlds about which I have written. But fairy tales are not the only things I see in my imagination. I see other fantasies that may have a fairy tale quality but are very close to reality.  

I have dreamed of having a rendezvous with a handsome prince, he being complete with the green hat and feather!

I would sit and watch him dance to the music of a serenade, snapping up some wildflowers for a bouquet, then spin around and bow while handing me his bouquet.

We would sit on a log before the pond containing lilies and lily pads along the edge with nature's chorus of birds and insects singing to us, and golden sunshine streaming down through the trees.

I have met many imaginary friends there, as well as some lovers, fairy folks, elves, and princes. One time I met a debonair gentleman wishing to take me away on a world tour on his yacht! Another time was at a book signing of my latest published work. Sometimes I was sitting on the beach in the moonlight, with its light reflecting on the wavelets,  and so many stars in the sky and dew drops on the branches of trees reflecting the moon's glow like tiny sparkling diamonds.  I was in a most magical of lands!  

Imagination is wonderful, is it not?  But at the time I was fantasising these things in meditation it was as real as I am sitting here typing this entry.

I guess that when you are living alone like I was at the time, your imagination becomes your best friend. 

I was drifting over quiet lakes, flying untethered by the Earth, cradling my imaginary lover's head in my arms. We climbed mountains, flew in the calm, blue skies, my arms outstretched, feeling the refreshing air on my cheeks; below stretched out trees and fields of fertile green bathed in the brilliant sunlight. Most of those times have been quiet and contemplative, almost desperate in tone, clutching at each other to hold on. 

You cannot convince me to this day that it was all a fancy of my imagination. Those memories remain as solidly a part of me as any of my true life experiences. Some of those experiences have manifested in real time as I traveled around the country, even seeing places that were good reality substitutes to those fantasies. And the fantasies have included my present partner. 

So you do get back, at least for the most part, what you request from Universe. Just not necessarily the way you expect to get it.
Recently I’ve not gone to the forest for meditation, but I still go there for my quiet times. The forest contains magic and healing qualities. I would like to go there again in the springtime. The forest is where I desire to have my ashes spread when the time comes for me to begin a new journey.

Thank you very much again, my dear friends, for reading another of my experiences of life through my fantasies.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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