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Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Asleep she lay, deeply asleep,
Dreaming of places never to be.
Dreaming, dreaming  of faraway lands
so very long ago, of what could have been and of things yet to be,
Every where and nowhere, both far away and near by.
Things that could have been will happen
And things that have happened will not be,
For she is told she is old now, but she only stood at the beginning of the next dream;
For those who loved her who have left or are too far afield she knows she will see again.
As her mind drifted reliving her life she felt a fullness of it and peace in her heart and soul.
As she lay there on her bed of down her heart is not bitter
But is filled with peaceful memories knowing she had freely given with unconditional love.
As she looked in the mirror she did not see something unpleasant,
Yes, what she saw coming from her eyes was kindness, loving, caring,
a glow appeared surrounding her like a halo or aura,
The rainbow of peace.
The beauty was the light that shone from within,
Her inner light which for so many years had shone for others.
But also sadness could be seen; something was missing
in order to make her complete; something was missing.
Like a swirling mist at sea it swallowed her, swirling, swirling
Into darkness then, as suddenly the mist lifted.,
She stood at the edge of the sea, wind blowing in her hair.
The sea that lay before her seemed to go on into eternity.
Confused and lost she continued standing by the sea awaiting for she knew not what.
Fear began to eat its way to her core,
She feared that she was the only conscious being in this reality that she knew not,
A place with no beginning and no end.
A voice spoke to her, it was a familiar voice.
She felt a presence and then she knew and felt a calmness,
and she felt loved, cared for, warm and secure.
She did not know who the presence was but she knew that never again would she be alone.
She felt filled and any fears she may still have had melted away like snow in May.
The lady awakened and sat in her bed, realising she was alone again.
Or was she? The room glowed with every color of the rainbow.



  1. Again my dear you are a very good writer too! I see the personal feelings in your writing too. Its a wonderful that you share these moments in your life my dear sister yet I see the hardship that you have gone thru in your life before i have meet you too which makes it hard to see that you have gone through so much pain in your life in just these two blogs that I have read. but the happy part is that you have grown from them and that you have seen that you are truly loved by a few people that will always be there for you my dearest sister and I know you know who I am taking about heheheh love you sis. take care.

  2. I am not an expert but I believe this work to be a very good effort at blank verse because it tells a story without rhyme, in a metered way.

  3. Well I believe in you Sis. love you Happy fourth of July. have a good one!!!