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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Legends of the Dragon

From medieval there once rose the dragons of old
Were they real, just as the eagle and condors of this day?
Out of the misty past long ago before any of the beast of this day walked the earth 
Yes there were many dragons small and large so they flew on great leathery wings
 And dominated the skies over the pterodactyls and other large winged beasts of the day
And even to this day it is rumored by some that they still roam in the shadowy world between worlds
Sometimes if you listen really attentively you can still hear their roar reverberating in the darkness of night
Legend say that in medieval days, they had been hunted into extinction by the brave knights of old.
But then legends say that the great masters of the skies hid in the caves among the mountain peeks
And there went into a deep slumber to awaken for the time of the great transformation
For a time the winged creatures of today would once again be masters of the skies blue
Where the mammals of the ocean depths and of the earth green would be the dominant species
But what if a few found another world to escape to, a hidden world where no man has ever trod .
Here and there in this world they continued and thrive and to this day,
And still continue to occasionally visit this, their world of birth.
At night In a shadowy form they fly over our homes, waterways, forests and mountains,
Always wary of the two legged (human-kind) who feared them and would kill any and all if found,
Until there weren't any great dragons around in this world or the nether world?
If this were so then this would be the answer as to the why and how of the origin of so many legends
 of these magnificent beasts that have been told throughout our history.
Near and wide everywhere such legends tell of the great dragons good and evil,
Beasts of such immense size with scales tails and fiery breaths 

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