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Friday, 24 July 2015

Attaining Spiritual Awareness

Attaining Spiritual Awareness
Posted on March 30, 2011 by Seeker ...
Hi dear friends and followers, Thanks you for visiting my blog. Today I present to you part 11 of  The Spiritual Quest. 

All biblical text, and other holy writings for that matter, are an attempt to describe and enlighten the reader by definition and descriptions; clothing the light with human attainment called speech or words. This is so that the reader can experience the sensation/spiritual components of the Oneness attained by the individual writing it. Jesus a man at divine consciousness exposed his fellow man to the spiritual by means of a human attainment called speech and metaphor (WORD).

There is nothing written or spoken that was not the attainment of a fellow human being. If God has spoken to you personally, bless you, you’re now left trying to explain that in words of your choosing. CHOOSE CAREFULLY as you are accountable for their effect on others who read them. Spiritual awareness trying to name the spiritual some common terms God, LORD, Jehovah, Jesus, Elokim, Elohim, Yahweh, HaVaYaH, Allah, Buddha, the Creator, Mother Nature, Energy, Source, Oneness, and some thousands more penned throughout history by fellow humans. These definitions are all attempts humans have made to describe their connection or unification with the Spiritual the Now/Oneness or whatever other description man uses to describe Him – Her – It …

What’s important is that we don’t judge and interpret one attainment or description over another but rather we can only seek to understand it and grow personally from that. Using words and descriptions to share explore and grow together from the input of all.

I have learned much through books during my journey here, using them like steps in a very tall spiraling staircase. But the enlightenment I got from books does not compare to true experience, experience through my own choice, which brought me to the dark side. But If I had never experienced the dark side I would never have learned and appreciated the light. Light is wisdom and learning, this light is equally available to all, and all like the water vessels, contain varying levels of this light. We all have something we can learn from one another.
Both what is acceptable and what should be avoided.
Our being open is what enables us to grow. Dogmatic hard core beliefs usually show a person's limited spiritual attainment, they are an attempt to hold on to something that can never be contained. It’s like trying to hold onto water, you cannot hold it, it can only be felt. Words and beliefs are buckets or vessels we use to contain some water. Eventually if we’re open enough we can sense there is an ocean of water and we see the folly of limiting ourselves to a container of any size.
Note, this much reminds me of the greed we see today in the world, where they would have you believe that the vessels you hold in your hands is all that keeps you from dying of thirst, while there are oceans of water all around. This is rather like the Newfie joke, about where the Newfie who was found sitting at the edge of the lake who was dying of thirst, because he didn't have a cup.   
The Word or The Storyteller
Communication verbal and non verbal are all we have to share with one another. That’s why it’s important not to judge words or spiritual writings of others but to explore them. Your personal level of attainment or revelation shared with another person is important. If that person is at a similar enlightened level they will get it. Those whom have yet to reach your level of enlightenment may find it nonsensical or even foolish. What made Jesus such an inspiring teacher was his ability through story’s and illustrations to reach people at their level, thus his being called The Word.

The Science of Spiritual Growth
People who are uprooted and moved to a completely different environment usually experience a negative internal sensation. This is felt internally as a spiritual sensation. We have all had such an experience, even if just moving to a new school or a new job. Once we stay in this new environment for any length of time we assimilate, we adapt, we change, we progress, etc. This growth can be defined as enlightenment.

Enlightenment is just shedding light on the new environment, becoming more comfortable over time. Time allows a person to expand beyond their initial sensation and to see themselves expanding, fitting in and adapting to the new environment. A person can control and grow their spiritual perspective by recognizing and embracing this enlightenment process. One can make advancement without completely changing ones environment. How so? We can seek to explore situations that cause us to feel a bit uneasy, especially when dealing with people of different cultures and religious backgrounds.

We should understand that almost every person on this planet is seeking to find connection, to find peace, acceptance, etc. A person’s life experience and associations have molded them into the person they are; as your life experiences have brought you to where you are. A spiritual approach when meeting a new person of a different faith or ethnic background would be one of openness, to try and understand and feel this fellow human. To go beyond our own “closed-minded” human tendencies and try and be open to understand that person uniquely. This persons perception is unique and different from your own and so may naturally feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But by listening, learning, feeling sensing these new interactions with this person, both the stranger and you can grow spiritually through the open interaction.
Instinctively our human tendencies tend to reject different ideas, concepts, conclusions; this human tendency stifles our growth. A spiritual minded person need not fear being exposed to the new; rather one should embrace and welcome it as a way to grow. By making that spiritual personal connection, with someone “not like you”, you will begin to open that person too, enlarging their perspective. In no time at all you both will begin to effect each other. Both learning and shedding light on each other toward growth in connection, understanding, acceptance; and this is Love. Some might call it God’s Love …. call it the science of spiritual growth. Regardless of your personal heritage or theirs your growth and theirs is based on the interaction and ones willingness to understand, regardless of the title or description one uses to explain the interaction.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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