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Saturday, 11 May 2013


Intuition in the form of auto-writing ~ Channeling ~
Newton's Third Law gives us the
ability to wiggle an object at one spot and to have a corresponding
woggle take place a million miles away at the same time. 
According to this theory all animate and inanimate, energy and mass are all composed of the same particles and all are in synchronic motion no mater how many millions of miles apart.
So now we have established scientifically that all mater and energy vibrate synchronously. Basically energetically we can affect the physical psychically. We could communicate millions of miles apart through the very fabric of creation.
But if we did, as  dualistic as our world is it does not necessarily mean that this ability would be used for the betterment of mankind. Being free will agents and very much egoistic beings it is just as well that not all of us can tap into this field of energetic particles.
We each as individuals have to make the choice to use this energy for good, positive or for negative, wrong purposes. We are free agents of choice and ego plays a good part on how or what we decide to do with the energy channeled from the forces or fabric of universe Some researchers have labeled these forces as the God factor.
As for me, I seek the guidance from within me which is connected to the all consciousness. Prayer in this way for me would be comparable to using a cell phone, I dial the number then say what I need to say to the party on the other end then pause and ( meditate ) or like listening for what the party on the other end has to say in response. (Prayer and meditation.)
I don’t expect to hear a physical voice in my mind, If that were to happen I would not be wasting any time in going to consulting a psychiatrist. It comes to me very subtly, in the form of my own thoughts but not my thoughts it is more like in the form of (auto writing.) 
Love and Light
Cynthia ©

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