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Monday, 6 May 2013

Land of The Fairies

It is said in times long ago that at one time the fairies lived in harmony in the same world as humans in a mystical magical world of sunshine. A glittery mystical world where all was pristine and all that lived was one with the Faerie. But something dramatic happened that changed everything,and man turned against the faeries, where upon the mystical beings had to retreat to their world of origin and maintained only isolated regions on our world. However, it is said that some that remained were the gate keepers betwixt the world of faeries and ours. Those who have the gift or are in possession of the magic mantra like that of a young child are allowed by the gate keepers to enter into the land of the faeries.

According to lore only those who are pure of heart like a young child were allowed to cross over into fairy land, but first one had to circle the pillars of the gate three times without awakening the slumbering wilderbeast,then stand before the pillars crying "Open ye gate! open I ye gate I say!". At the third pass the gateway appears right out of the thin air like magic a glistening golden gate like it had been fashioned of sun beams it opened. Once past the gate one will find themselves standing before the Dark Tower of Elfland.

There is no sense of the passage of time in fairyland, and neither is there any, suffering, illness, aging, strife, anger, hunger or death. Mortals who are allowed passage into fairyland may live as much as 900 years in one form then transform into another form, thinking that the previous passage being only one night. Although no one dies in fairyland there is birth of the new forms, as there are many stories of fairy infants and children who require mortal mothers to nurse them. These are children who are gifted with the ability to see into the ethereal realm of fairy land.

Fairy castles are not made of brick and mortar but of the living flora of the great mother of mothers who nurtures all on the living creatures and beings in the land of the fairies. The interior of these castles are thought to be lavishly decorated in jewels that sparkle and radiate of many colors, where the residents and their guests spend much rejoicing and celebrating with dance and music like the likes never heard before and enjoying banquets of the richest, most delicious foods gathered from the enchanted forest around them. Fairies favor two domestic animals, the dog and the winged unicorn, although fearful dogs and cats are sometimes ascribed fairy powers. Fairies ride in procession on their white flying unicorns, their manes braided and decorated with tinkling sparkly magical beads.



  1. Again dearest sister you are a very talented writer too. and I hope that you too will but your stories in a book some day. I love this one too. its a short story but i love it just the same. I could see you and me in that story someday in our lives when it is our time to live this world and go to the land of the fae.
    yur little sis. who love you so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeeeeessssss, The fairy story I was thinking that exactly about you and me when I wrote it. I will be writing longer stories as time goes, especially when it gets into colder weather again :) The last one I am presently writing will be a long one and ti will be about dragon's fairies and other weird beings and criters :)