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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Manifesting a New World of Peace and Beauty

Manifesting a New World of Peace and Beauty
For many years we have prayed, hoped, and worked for the time of world peace.  All the way back from the dim past has world peace always evaded us.  Our faith and persistence have brought us to the doorstep of the better world many times only to find it falling apart around us once more.

Yet knowing that the odds are against us no matter how we play the cards, our spirit continues to strive to build a better world. Our faith, hopes, dreams, and our imaginations, love and compassion will always persevere against all odds. Those are the true gifts of the Creator that allow us to see how things really are and how they should be.

Using imagination is to me another manifestation of reality. Depending on how you perceive it, that is your reality. It's a place where you can be anything you want. You can be the witch of Pergonia, a fairy godmother or perhaps, a fairy, Dunes of Mars Warrior Princess, Captain Jack Sparrow, a princess of the dragon realm with her dragon named Archie, or how about a little mermaid in the watery paradise world of Jardon? 

Maybe you're an explorer traveling among the innumerable stars or Lady Priscilla of the Land of the Firebirds, walking arm in arm with a knight in shining armor in an enchanted forest. Or maybe a radiant Prince Charming that any girl would love to swoon in your arms after slaying the beast that would have her for lunch.

Who do you wish to be in any reality?  Will you be a warrior of light standing as a sentinel atop a mountain lighting the way for those that will follow?

Our light is as tiny sparkles in a boundless void of realities, like glowing plankton adrift in the ocean current; like fireflies playing tag in a dense forest in the darkness of night.  It is found in worlds of rapturous beauty painted with radiant colors the likes of which have never been seen in this present reality, sparkling falls of healing life energy, cascading down from towering, craggy mountains in a splendor of rippling multiple colors forming unbelievable eddies at the base of the mountains, there for us to enjoy!

We can ride on the tail of a comet among a kaleidoscope of brilliantly-hued star systems all around, like large glistening snow flakes on a winters day. The comet suddenly explodes into a multitude of colors like fireworks on the Fourth of July as you frolic about like an innocent child playing a never ending game of tag with your friends. You can be anything you want with imagination, a pencil, and some writing paper, or a note pad on your computer.

Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard, what is waiting for you.



  1. I can see no reason for why we cannot play tag in a comet's tail now, in our imaginations, or later, in the world that is to follow this one.

  2. Well now Sis, we can still play. with the faeries and all the magical creatures in the magic forest where they wait for us to play.
    love you
    your sis