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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Infinite Living Spirit of Source
In this reality in space and time is in constant motion and for as long as there is motion there will be space and time. What is energetically motionless, or static, and unseen in this reality, does not yet exist to our conscious mind. To our understanding, what we can perceive as motion in this sea of matter and energy of space and time we classify as reality. Thus until it is perceived by our senses it will continue to be non-existent. 

But then infinity is motionless and Source from whence all is born is infinite, as is the Oneness of all that is within Source. Therefore, consciousness is neither mass nor, energy, nor time, nor space, but yet if there were no consciousness before creation there wouldn’t be anything to conceive that would be before creation. What is now, and what will be, just like the cosmic building blocks, or the seeds which were required to create what is today and what will be tomorrow, were already a manifestation in the mind of Source before creation even took place, including however many generations it would take before your eye color would be what it is today or what type of cell phone you own.

Genetic manipulation? Yes, I believe so. We are “children of the stars”, or “starseeds” which ever you prefer. After all, even our home, mother Gaia, is a star seed. This entire planet was conceived in the mind of Source even before creation of Universe. It is but a grain of dust which originated from the galactic center and in turn all galaxies originate as grains of dust from the universal center. 

So then, it would seem to me that our entire being from the beginning at the galactic center until now, and all of the seeds that developed along the way to manifest all that is in creation, brings us up to the present day through the outcome of our own choice. 

What we are experiencing today is a result of a choice we made yesterday or years ago or even maybe in a previous life. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what we have chosen. Some of these choices have created deep wounds that may not heal in millennium life times and some may back off as soon as they get “nipped by the ringer” so to speak, where one lesson is sufficient to seek a different method of manifesting what they need. But I do believe that all the choices we make were part of a process so that there really are no good or bad choices, they are all part of a learning curve. Choose well, choose intuitively from the heart, and not the chattering mind. Always see or feel from the heart to do that which is for the good of all.

Have you ever heard the expression, “touched by an angel?” Have you ever been touched by the spirit? I mean the spirit of universe. The Universe is a living entity, she feels, sees, hears, breathes, and is aware. All has spirit. The earth, rocks, plants, animals, people, the sun, the moon and the stars, we are all connected as one. This is why when you go out on a moonlit night you can feel the energy of nature and all that dwells within her. 

This is the time to pray for your mentors, angels, and spirit guides, to give guidance and to enlighten you to make the right decisions through your journey in this world.

Cynthia ©

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