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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The age of Aquarius and the rise of the Sacred Feminine

The age of Aquarius and the rise of the Sacred Feminine

We are on the declining edge of the cycle where the Earth started a new rotation or orbit around the central star of the Milky Way galaxy, which could have been around the decline of Atlantis, somewhere about four million years ago.

Starting Somewhere around November and December 2012 - We will be undergoing a process of unprecedented change during this ending cycle. Note, the dates and numbers used here are only hypothetical and are meant only for the purpose of reference points in time for this illustration.
Another factor to consider: one galactic Sun is the distance of one rotation around the center of the Milky Way galaxy measured at the galaxy’s outer edge. This is a huge distance best expressed in Earth years (1,728,000 years) for the Fifth rootrace.
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According to the Mayans, humanity will shift to the ‘fifth sun’ phase, where a golden age of higher consciousness will emerge.
(Golden age) may well be emerging and overlapping the (black age) Alternatively in this cycle, there may be a smaller cycle emerging within the cosmic cycle.

And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the 'Heart of the Sacred Feminine'. On the winter solstice of the early part of 2000, the 'Heart of the Divine Feminine was supposedly activated or awakened into the universal field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it will join with the universal consciousness activation of the Cosmic Trigger.

The quickening time has arrived and changes will occur everywhere on the planet, and among the most relevant is the balancing of the planetary energies. Such as areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate, overly dictatorial will be subdued. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the 'Return of the Sacred Feminine', for indeed the Sacred Feminine will bring a gentle nurturing, which is termed as feminine, and thus bringing a balance to the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony means, symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet and all that dwell upon the planet..
Feminine Balance

But let us be clear, *while the influx of feminine energy is necessary to achieve energetic equity on the planet,* do not make the presumption that feminine energy is better than masculine, rather it is what is needed to balance the current overage of masculine.

In truth the ushering of the Crystalline Age raises the planet within that termed the 5th dimension to an initial accessible field of non gender in non- duality. You see crystalline energy is zero field.

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If the 26,000 Great Year Cycle of the Mayans is ending in 2012 (coinciding with the lesser 5,125 year cycle), it is highly significant because it may also relate to ‘the greater wheel’ and its cycle of 26,000 years – finishing one cycle and starting another. The twelve zodiac signs take 26,000 years to precess the full circle of 360 degrees, the same time span as it takes for one zodiac sign in the greater zodiac.

The world is entering the Age of Aquarius on both the smaller and greater wheels, an event that has only occurred six times (this is the seventh) - in the history of this Fifth Rootrace, hence a time of great opportunity.
Nevertheless, we are on the cusp of these cycles, 500 years for the lesser wheel and 5,000 years for the greater wheel; it is doubtful (as mentioned by other authors) that something will ‘happen’ on December 21, 2012. We are going through a process of unprecedented change during this cuspal period. If the above date is accurate, then this is an advantage for students of astrology and cycles - as it may allow some accuracy to use this as a time marker to work forward or backward.

Another factor to consider is that the 26,000 year cycle coincides with a 104,000 years cycle of the ‘fourth Sun’. (104,000 = 26,000 X 4) In other commentaries this author has dated the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace (5.5) as starting around 100,000 years ago.

Indeed, in this fifth branchrace of 5.5 (5.5.5), the race has reached its apotheosis, and in this Kali Yuga cycle of destruction, is ready for a major shift. According to the Mayans, Humanity will shift to the ‘fifth sun’ phase, "El Quinto Sol", where a golden age of higher consciousness will emerge.

As discussed earlier, there are ‘yugas within yugas’ and a Satya Yuga (golden age) may well be emerging and overlapping the Kali Yuga (black age) of 432,000 years. The Sixth Rootrace is only about 25,000 years away and a parallel may be drawn with the previous Satya Yuga (1,728,000 years) for the Fifth Rootrace when it was in its nascent inception about four million years ago - at the decline of Atlantis when Atlantis was going through its Kali Yuga. Alternatively in this cycle, there may be a smaller Satya Yuga cycle emerging within the Kali Yuga.

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