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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Faith or Belief and Manifestation

Faith or Belief and Manifestation

Because something can not be perceived by the five physical senses does not mean it doesn't exist. Past, present and future are  simultaneous on the fabric of universe. The past has been written and recorded, the present is being recorded and  will be the manifestations into tomorrow's reality. Today is like  many trails leading into a forest of quantum potentialities. The  decisions we make today predict how tomorrow will unfold, for  the oneness of consciousness of all things has already been written.

There are those who I would have to admit are truly more advanced in the awareness of their subconscious minds or more introspective then others, This inner knowing is called **wisdom**, The experiencer becomes the experience and the Oneness experiences itself through all that has been created, Creator and created as one, the (quantum realities, or dimensions ad infinitum). And you may ask how far along are we on this journey of awareness?

Let us for a minute say that reincarnation is a part of a universal reality. Why would we as spirit beings who are of the oneness choose to loop back to a certain point along this time space continuum to be reborn into this time in this reality once more?

Or could it be for as many times as our spirit being has or may have experienced life in how many realities since the creation of the universe, the big bang, as science labels this phenomenal creation of Universe.. From this point where hence forth we are assigned to undertake another mission through the living vessel of flesh? If  this were so then how many limited lifetime memories does a spirit being contain?

We all experience our own varying personal levels of hell and heaven as we go through life in this reality. Is this a learning and growing cycle that refines us to the best us we can be as we learn from the school of life?

It is those who will not learn from their turbulent, controlling, violent,  greedy, and contrarian ways  who will end up getting caught in the repetitive loop of their own making to endure the same turbulent cycle again. It is our own choice..

From how science sees it, it is said that for every action you get an equal and opposite reaction is what I believe to be, whatever one puts out to universe will returned to them in equal portion, Karma. But Karma has two sides like a coin, make your choice wisely

If we can manifest our own hell, then why not our own heaven? We do have the choice and we can do something to change it. But many will say, “Oh,  better the devil we know  then the devil we don't.” Trust the little voice the inner instinct on this. If we were all to believe that, then there would truly be world Anarchy gone out of control and nothing would change.

Now, about these inner sensitivities: some say they are a curse while others call them a blessing or a gift. Why such a dichotomy?

As it is said, any constructive vision of success is in the eyes of the beholder, yes having a vision is good and goes along with the experience of living life. Thus it is in the mind and heart and sensitivities of the experiencer shall we say. We know that as we think negative thoughts, so will we get negative results in return. Positive thoughts can also equally bring positive results, or positive results from meticulous constructive planning and administration.

As we continue along our journey we learn much more about the mystery of our inner selves and our own potentials. We find many qualities within that we had no idea were ever there before. We can again begin to see through the eyes of a young child who sees everything as possible. Those same eyes can see with a limitless ability to bring healing and wisdom to an ailing world and the awakening into a much vaster consciousness We are all One within the oneness of infinite consciousness.



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