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Friday, 30 August 2013

First Civilization Fantasy or Truth?

Hi everyone, This is an interesting topic, my own thoughts on this topic of who were the first people or first civilization the builders of mega structures back in a time that is said that the humanoids of the day were no more then nomads wearing animal skins with spear and club as their only tools of the day.

Could it be that the phenomena, sparklies, orbs, and rods, we see today in different parts  of the world is only what's left of, or just a shadow of the residual energy of legendary dragons, unicorns, fairies, and a variety of other types of light beings and other ancient fantasy wonders which has been classified as myths? No one can conclusively prove or disprove the existence of unicorns, dragons, light beings and fairies, just as they can't prove or disprove if Atlantis existed or not or if the Bermuda Triangle is for real or not.

Maybe Atlantis and Agartha (Middle Earth) were and still are located somewhere, maybe somewhere other then here. Perhaps on Mars, or should I say under the ground on Mars. Let's go one further, what if the first civilization of humans who walked on the surface of this earth came from Mars? A Mars that could sustain life that even science today say could have been as recent as 20millions  years ago when mars was still wet and  earth had only started to cool sufficiently enough to support life.

This eventual exodus from Mars to Earth may have been planed for millions of years even before the Mars environment began to deteriorate and become uninhabitable, made even more so especially after the great asteroid and meteor storms began bombarding the inner planets of our solar system.

Agartha may still be there, safe under the ground where there could still be access to liquid
water and from water one can extract oxygen and oxidized ferrous bearing minerals, building blocks to sustain an ancient civilization .

Just like Atlantis may have been reconstructed beneath the waters of the Bermuda triangle in another dimension traveling back and forth by way of a worm hole or stargate. This would explain the weird or strange electromagnetic phenomena that occurs there from time to time in different parts of the world. Possibly sometimes when such a portal opens just at the right time and place, entire ships can disappear.

I use to have fun daydreaming or imagining and visualizing all these possibilities in my mind when I was younger, even drew pictures of what it may have looked like.  I to this day still do a lot of fantasizing, when fantasizing or hypothesizing possibilities there are no restrictions of impossibilities all is fair game and that is what makes it fun.

It might very well be that the Atlantians are those UFO's a lot of people claim to have seen and come in contact with. Could these beings be our ancestors? The first homo erectus to walk upright in the gardens of Mars along with the fairies, leprechauns and dragons, not that there were only names that writers have given them.

 Our ancestors from the stars DNA mixed with the DNA of other life forms from earth, the first Atlantians? The first human civilization on the surface of this planet walked side by side with the gods (Our star ancestors).

Maybe a lot of what was once upon a time has faded away or completely disappeared because of our being conditioning to accept deceit and lies, deceit and lies in attempt to detract or distract us from the truth. We turned our back on them, denied they existed. In time as we sank ever deeper into the denseness and darkness of this material illusion they call reality we lost the most precious thing given us, our recall of these things that once were.



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  1. Enjoyed that a lot, Cynthia. This is a subject dear to my heart.. Jonny.