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Friday, 9 August 2013

One Night in the Garden

Hi dear friends and followers, Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite short stories written by me.

An elderly woman loved the garden behind her cottage, 
the forest all around, the sound of the singing birds,
and the chirping of the crickets in the tall grass 
at the edge of her garden, which she tended and cared.
After a small meal and a bath, she would relax 

and imagining in her mind the land of the faie.
Green forests sparkling in the night alive and free.
During the darkening sky of evening she would sit and wait
for the faie to appear. Every evening she would leave with a sad feeling.

Every evening she would again go out to the garden 
and sit on the bench and wait, waiting for the faie.
This night being tired after a long day, the elderly lady slipped into sleep.

The faie danced their way through the trees to the edge of the garden.

They stopped abruptly upon seeing the form of the elderly lady
asleep on the bench. The faie approached cautiously,
one nudging her hand that lay limp across her chest.
The elderly lady rolled onto her back but remained asleep.
The faie were all about her now and they danced and sang merrily sprinkling sparkly fairy dust in the air.

The elderly lady smiled as tiny tears rolled down her cheeks.
She sees the faie dancing and singing.

She gets up and joins them in the dance, a dance that lasts all night.

Dancing on tiered old legs which seemed to miraculously,
become nimble and strong and she felt young again!
She danced and danced like there was not going to be a tomorrow!

Dancing, spinning, dancing like her feet had grown wings,
with the exhilaration of motion she had not felt for a long time.

The faie danced around urging her, encouraging her to go ever faster.

Come morning she woke up with sweat on her brow, 
but her legs felt invigorated. Was it really just a dream?  

Written by Cynthia©

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