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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Endless Stream of Knowing

Endless Stream of Knowing

One can never have all the answers to the great  mystery of creation  in one finite life time, The pieces that make up all the realities within infinity are the pieces to an endless jigsaw puzzle.

The conscious spiritual mind is infinite and can potentially see all the pieces and does see all the pieces but the physical brain is limited to only a miniscule comprehensive capacity to grasp just what the human mind can retain within the physical world around them. For example, IMO, just like as described in  the scriptures, Jesus wasn't God, he was only as much as what a finite human flesh being could contain of Source, or God, as in Source = the infinite web of creation the son was a thread of that web just as we all are threads of the fabric that binds all of creation as one .

Yes, we are all at different stages of awakening and unfortunately too many are still sleeping. Those who are still asleep follow along just to be part of the gang mentality. Or, hey man! Look at me! I see more orbs than you do. Or if you don't eat the same alphabet soup as I do, you can’t eat alphabet soup with us elite.

I don't waste time worrying about who is where on what level, I just crank out what I know, what I have learned and what my experiences were when I finally awoke enough to see what I should see, then I do what I can to pass it on to enlighten those who have a desire to be enlightened.

The truth has been hidden from us probably since the fall of the first civilization and we have been purposely kept in the dark. Why? I can only guess at the answer, but I do know that we are on the edge of finding out. Let us just hope we can see that brick which is hidden in our befogged awareness before we trip over it.

How many words, how many realities or dimensions are there to each path we travel Spirit of Universe please be my guide upon this path in the wilderness of infinity  

To the higher powers that be.

Know that most of MANKIND seek simple lives - they do not aspire to be and are not equipped to be politicians, high-priests, judges, big-business-directors, professors, experts, aristocrats, etc. This makes it easier for their own kind/people (brethren/brotherhoods/sisterhoods/fraternities/orders/sects/cults/etc) to take and continue to have complete power and control of the bar, the courts, the halls of power, the private corporations, institutions, etc. 

We stupidly let them get away with this generation after generation, letting them educate us and dumb us down in such a way to keep things the "same" way for an eternity. However, while they may think they have all the benefits and privileges, they are promoting lies and the curses of their lies will inevitably come back to them. We should pray for them rather than envy them or feel angry with them for when they come to their destination they may need all the prayers they can get. 


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