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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Fair Maiden of the Enchanted Forest

Glowing sunlight streaming down

to the forest floor illuminating the foliage,

there within to a golden green.

Butterflies and other tiny insects flickering 

in the sunlight a dazzling array of beautiful colors,

like snow flakes on a winter's day.

Golds, blues and silvers on the tall fronds of grass 

swaying in a gentle breez

is where you will find the fair maiden

of the enchanted forest fine,

A day dreamer's delight spends the day. 

Who this queen of the enchanted forest was

I will never know.

Was she but a dream? 

I will never know.

Where she will be when I awaken? 

I will never know.

I only wish to live the dream 

but for one moment, to be an eternity

in this enchanted place.

The lady spreads her wings of briliant blue

as the wind came, and suddenly

the leaves whirled all about.

I did not want the fair lady to leave.

I thought as the leaves whirled around me

ruffling my hair loosely,

there are times when one feels

the kinship with nature and beast,

never wanting to leave 

the warmth of natures embrace. 

The memories fill the heart

with the longing to be one

with nature's enchanted wonderland.

Nature's creatures now sitting

at the edge of the forest,

a wonderous image, indeed, 

of the harmony of nature.

The maiden of the forest beckons me to follow. 

As I spread my wings of silver light

It is late and fall is near.

As I watch the summer blossoms trembling in the wind 

they wilt and die, and gone are the butterflies and birds.

As I am being lited aloft 

I follow the fair maiden of the forest

through the silver lined clouds 

into the golden sunlight.

A tender as the images they bring

This is where I must bid goodbye.

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