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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Empathy Continued

Each of us will have our own unique way of interpreting what we experience and see in any reality that we may find ourselves in whether in a dreamscape, a vision or in real time. Each will have his or her own different perspective to any given phenomena. This does not mean one is in error in what they perceive to be as different from the next person’s observation of the same phenomena, It simply means that each of us see things from a slightly different field of reference. possibly because we are all at different conscious level of growth on a universal level, in the continuum like layers of an infinite onion, all layers having their influence upon us. How we react to these differences will play an important role in leading us to the final result  

An empaths, has sensitivities that are on a much higher frequency then most people. Picking up on other energies like the ears of a bat picking up on the tiniest sound hundreds of feet from their location. My perceptions and interpretations and understanding of this multilayered reality might be a little different then the average person who make up the greater part of society. Most only see the world on it’s surface and actually very little of that as well, as though they were depth blind. The energies are there to see, but it doesn’t register on their conscious mind, because it is of no importance to them for it has nothing to do with what is more important to them in their own private little world.

I could feel an injured animal from a distance before I even seen them. I can feel when somewhere close by the energy was not right.  Upon finding them I would gently pick up the injured animal in my arms and take them home where I would try to nurse them back to health. Sometimes I was successful other times not. It was not uncommon to see stray animals follow me home from a short distance. This was not just cats and dogs but also natures criters, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and occasionally even a bears or a deer would come out to greet me.
Wolves and Coyotes as well were attracted to me, as they still are to this day. Just as in the same way I attract little children in the supermarket and shopping malls.  In later years I discovered I also had an affect on plants as well. I never had a plant that did not grow and blossom healthily and I never done anymore then just water them. I even brought plants home that others had given me because they had run out of ideas in how to nurse them back. Less then a month they were flourishing.

Have you ever seen the soul energy of living things? Some call these energy-flows auras.
All is energy, every molecule and subatomic particle which makes up all of this reality that we see around us as well as the inner life essence and all of it’s discarnate energies, the fiber of time and space, spirit energy, the universal web. But are we not still all growing towards the same level of consciousness, even those who are not aware of it and even those we may think are not deserving. Who am I to judge.

As a little girl growing up in the country I had no knowledge that there were titles, labels, legends, epithets, analogies, symbolic of hierarchies and din’t know much about anything  spiritual, except what they tried to teach me in Sunday School and that never did feel right to me, for no reason, it just didn’t. In my world fantasy at times tended to blend as one with reality, a time outside of time. I was not even aware of ranks and superiorities in the affairs of man until in later years, but I most certainly quickly learned that grown ups were my superiors and could warm my fanny if I displeased them so I did my best to stay out of their way and find my own world to play in.

I still to this day refuse to associate any order of ranks and superiority among the spiritual as I’ve some do. I certainly would not have ever guessed that one could communicate with angels, saints, extraterrestrials, aliens etc etc, I considered the apparitions I made contact with to be just out of my own imagination, my own creation as I perceived them.
Manifestations of an energy source not of the earth plane is what I come to classify these forms that appeared in various intensities of light and colors.

Today I know that what I had experiences from through my sensitivities were exactly what I said above had occurred during my early years. No one had ever discouraged me of my stories, supposedly just brushing them off as a child’s imagination. As I got older I knew that I would have to part with these fantasies, although repressed they were never forgotten, Even If would have wanted to discuss them, who would I got too?

I just did not allow myself to believe that these entities could be possibly real, they just did not any longer fit in with my life style should I say. I feared to much that I would end up classified as some lunatic, just the same as the others of questionable sanity who dared mentioned having encounters of a third kind, UFO’s. Little grey aliens etc. Nut cases they called them.  like seeing angels and extraterrestrial beings or dragons and fairies or animal spirits, the rainbow trees, the ancestors, the star beings, Manatoo, and the greatest of mothers, mother Gaia with her own unique aura, our mother. Sheeeeesh, they would certainly have locked me up in a padded cell. But it happens, many of us do, and we all do have these potentials to have these feelings, seeings, knowings if we are open to them, or intuitively just know things that are just not easily explainable, especially to the skeptic. 

As I have briefly stated above we each have our own unique perception to any given field of reference which could be on any level frequency of light and sound both above and below the human range of hearing and seeing, so why not what one could perceive seeing what an angel would look like? I had no teachers, mentors, books, magazines, not even an open minded individual to share about these things with when I was a child. Nothing except for maybe occasionally something on some obscure TV show.
Or something I overheard in a discussion among the elders. Didn’t pay much attention to some little girl they called the mouse sitting around playing with her doll at their discussions.

There was not much available to learn about such things as the phenomena of quantum realities, quantum physics, and the awakening of the oneness of consciousness which was mostly looked upon as fictitious and or superstition by the greater part of society outlook  back when I was a little girl. The only fantasy grown ups played back then was on what they called party lines, where you could have as many as 6 or 8 people gossiping back and fourth on their rotary phones. I guess the 50’s version of the cell phone.

To tell the truth, in my adolescent years and early adulthood I felt very much a stranger in an alien land, a not very liked stranger at that. People don’t tend to like to well other people that are different, well they didn’t bother me in anyway physically but I could see them avoiding me as I walked by. Different story though when I was a child growing up I was pushed around, bullied, teased and ridiculed if I even as much as mentioned anything about the supernatural or anything they considered weird. I had no way of knowing why people reacted the way they did was because they feared or felt threatened or uneasy by what they could not understand, as many still do to this day.

I have had many experiences with what I simply call sensings seeing and knowings, intuition as well as various degrees of psychic abilities. I have named it my little voice, or “the inner voice,” and many other manifestations in harmony with nature, the elements and the earth grids and quantum reality grids. But these are only words, one could also sum it up as the cosmic web. I only speak from my own knowledge and experiences with those elements of universe that I have been connected to since earliest childhood and now once more returning to that same connectedness.
I prefer to refrain from using many other philosophies that are not my own,

Many of my writings is illustrated with my own experiences using some of my own terminology in the description of experiences.



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