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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Innerlight

My inner self  is the inner light that dispels the ever-present shadows of doubt and despair  within. So that I may open my eyes and know and see where lie my inner weaknesses and strengths reside. That same inner light shows me where I need to be in life, for it is that one moment, that one heart beat in infinity is where you will make the choice that will contribute to changing the future.

We have an influence on every soul we meet during a 24 hour period of time, so make it a good influence or impression and you will have made your small contribution towards somebody’s better day.

I do not perceive my part in life the same way others perceive theirs and wish for me to be, for they can not see what is the true self within others. Many are not even aware of their own true inner selves.

My beliefs may be tried by others but in my heart I know these beliefs to be true-honed and seasoned with time and experience, and the lessons I have learned still remains in my heart, quite many as fond memories. Others still haunt me like ghosts in the mist of the past, but the mist grows more distant in time.

I know what is true in my heart for that which is part of my spirit, the essence of my being. It matters not the differences in the beliefs that others may try to impose on me. It does not change who I am; I am still myself, she who dwells within this physical shell.

I accept my inner prosperity along with my shortcomings. The more it will serve to forge who I am today to be more solidly into being who I am destined to be in the future. I am spiritually strong in my ways and beliefs, spiritually I live close to the Earth Mother.

What I instinctively know to be true to me may not be so for others. All divine their own truth within their own hearts differently then the next person. This cannot change who I am. I am who I am.

I only seek for the way of the light, then shall I have the privilege to light the way for those who may choose to walk along the same path as I for a time. But remember, we all need to walk our own walk, no one else can walk it for you but for a time you may follow another soul’s light as a guide to find your own way.
I can only strive to be the best me I can be. You can do no more for or with yourself.


Cynthia ©

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