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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Oneness Position

Hi, wonderful theory, and I believe that no mater how many different ways anyone dices it or looks at these types of concepts about a God, god, goddess, or any type of omnipotent being or a single infinite intelligence the best we can come up with are a multitude of theories, some complimenting each other and others contradicting each other. 

Many theories have been made about such a force or forces where we have not yet even come up with a sufficiently sensitive enough scientific instrument to detect what is on the other side of this reality. We may only at best be able to detect such phenomena by inference, like detecting some type of extraterrestrial energies interacting affecting energies in this reality to react oddly or moving in a different then normal pattern. compared to other energies of a similar consistency around it.

Could these energies be consistent to intelligent entities such as the ancient gods and goddesses verses energy and mass and the quantum dimensions with no beginning and no end.

All things, animate and inanimate has spirit energy, auras, which are the life sustaining energy found within all living beings. Our entire mother earth is spirit, all is of the living spirit, the rocks, the earth, the plants, animals, water and all that resides within it, the air and all that resides in it. This was why when the ancient ones had used what they needed from the land they returned it to the land from where all is born all should be returned.

Then there is the moon cycle ceremony of Grandmother moon who comes to visit every month to cleans and prepare the girl child for womanhood in the sacred moon lodge. and Father sun gives sustenance to Mother Earth and her children. Twice per year spring and fall the people celebrate the pot-loch, The ancient version of the modern day pow wow's. A sacred celebration in thanksgiving to Father Sun for providing them with the abundant seasons of trading, hunting, fishing and harvesting they have been blessed with

I do agree with all who have chosen the Oneness proposition. Now I desire to introduce a theory for your own evaluation. What if we were to say all living organisms, on all levels of quantum spirit energy contained within one entity. This oneness of spirit is the living essence on all things expressed into reality, and on all expressions of all realities.

Since these spirit essences have been in this three dimensional reality we call the Universe that has been *as it was in the beginning,* the beginning being the "Big Bang", or birth of the thought expressing itself as Universe.

For those who believe in reincarnation, how would it be that our souls may have been reborn to life forms in all quantum realities billions of times since the birth of thought? How many as female and how many as male? What if a soul is predisposed, let us say to being female or male for instance?  Or how about a different species altogether?

Spirit essence does not have a physical sex, gender or any physical form for that mater. A field of conscious energy would be about the best I can describe our spiritual essence. But can our spirit energy or soul's characteristic and consciousness continue being of the feminine or masculine energy characteristics in the spirit energy form? Do we continue being predisposed to being female or male traits through the rebirth into physicality?

Just another theory. I agree with you that the Oneness which contains all souls and all in creation is within the First Thought was and is none gendered. Personally I use the term Great Spirit, or how about Sacred Feminine the hand maiden of Creator the bearer and keeper of all living things and just how many other intelligent entities that were assigned the position of The Watchers or Caretakers.

It is the spirit which is individual, but yet still connected to all of the essence of soul. Each spirit or thread of the soul that is assigned a living body becomes the living essence or energy of that body. It may be the consciousness of this spiritual energy which is also part of soul which may retain the  characteristics that it feels most comfortable with. female or male, in the none physical sense of course. Or how about the supposed androgynous characteristics of the angels.

I, for one, believe that the more there are different pieces, propositions, theories, postulations and beliefs, that are served at the banquet table makes for a better richer meal. All these different bits and pieces served to us for our inspection are very much an invigorating expansion of knowledge and wisdom in the conscious and subconscious  mind.

Such is my patchwork faith, always flexible and changeable to outside information. It would be impossible, to explain what the inner self is; it isn't anything you can see, touch, calibrate, or measure with a scientific instrument in order to isolate and identify it in physicality. It is only felt, like the little voice, intuition, within the physical mind, which is not a physical process of the mind, but a process of your own thoughts that are *not* formed within your mind, but from a source from outside of your biological mind process. 

This proposition is subject to change as we discover new behaviors in all living things found everywhere within our immediate environment around us every day.

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