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Monday, 23 December 2013

The Inner Consciousness

The Inner Consciousness 

I believe that the truth in knowing oneself is like sharing your love with another. It means to evolve from one level of the mind and heart to another in a higher state of consciousness.

As this state of consciousness grows, we try to enlighten others to become aware of this state of mind and love, since we are all as one in mind and heart. All of sentient beings in the universe are as one. The more we share our heart and mind with others, the more we see all as the "I AM."

I believe and have no doubt that our awareness of our true selves within is being aware of our love and appreciation of the true universal "enlightenment."

When shared/compared with other "truths," the more we expand our truth the closer to our divinity we become. Religion often tries to limit our understanding of truth, asserting to us, defining to us, what's true and what's not.

Also beware of those who come in the guise of being your leaders, protectors and benefactors. They might well be out to deceive and lie to you for what ever personal gain or misguided motives.

That is not my way. I know what's true for myself but my truth may not be so by another’s understanding, according to their truth or belief.

Truth, love and understanding are the biggest of potentialities for a

change in this reality. IMHO, this is the truth of the spiritual oneness of consciousness. I believe that this oneness of consciousness is not one that can be conceived or contained within the confines of any one finite mind. It is a concept that is beyond any restricting confines of any one religious, political or even scientific teaching, at least not our present day science. At best, all
of the man made systems we have in place are fatally flawed and move like ships at sea without rudders. These systems are designed to keep all of their followers in the dark, segregating and separating us instead of bringing us together as one.

The Oneness, to which every one of us are connected, is the fabric that connects all in creation. Each single strand or thread that
binds with all the other threads makes up the fabric or the web of this reality we reside in.

The Quabalah speaks of this entity as the mother who brought all life to universe. She is also known as The Sacred Feminine. In the Book of Proverbs she identifies herself: Wisdom, God's handmaiden. The first five chapters of Proverbs are her own discourse on how she pleased the Creator and how, above all things, one needs to have "wisdom."

The Age of Aquarius, I believe, mentions the coming of the Sacred Feminine as well.

I believe in the truth of the Oneness within the web of creation. Each of us has our very own conception of this reality. Then who are we to judge if our neighbor's concept is false or true? I would be more inclined to say that each individual’s perception is comparable to any one other's. No two person's "truth" is completely the same. In my opinion I would have to say that hopefully our truth expands as our consciousness and enlightenment grows. It's an insecure ego that needs to be right all of the time, that needs its truth to be the one and only.

I believe that the oneness of consciousness, *God,* so to speak, wants us to BEcome all of who we already are. In this process I believe our truth expands, whether we are intending it or not.



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