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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Agathar part 12

Agathar part 12

Jansen sat on the ground and leaned on a trunk of a tree, one that
was more like a regular Earth-sized tree. The big trees made her nervous. She didn’t even want to think about what could possibly fall out of the giant trees, especially if she happened to be sitting under one of them when it hit the ground. Then again, there are many things she was phobic to when she first got here but had overcome since she has been here. But still, from above the clouds where the Cadose made their homes, a walnut-size object would be traveling at about the speed of a bullet fired from a gun by the time it got to where she was sitting. That thought brought no comfort.

She heard some branches cracking from not very far behind her and instantly threw herself flat to the ground, pulling out of her bag the only weapon she was allowed to have: a stun gun.

“Pssssssst!” she heard coming from a form emerging out of some dark bushes. The form stopped and identified itself. "It's me, Antana,” it said in a loud whisper. Jansen could make out the motion of the dark form's arm waving for her to follow.

Jansen rose from her flattened position and approached Antana. As she drew closer, Antana flew to her and took her hand to lead her into the forest, persistently tugging on her arm.

The day had yielded to a profound darkness, as one would say, so dark you can't see your hand in front of you. As they walked Antana hovered just ahead of her. They walked for what felt like a long way, but walking in the dark always feels like it is a long way regardless of its true distance.

A few minutes later a subdued light found its way through the branches of the tall trees around them. Different hues and colors became more apparent as they continued walking. “Quintari,” thought Jansen. Looking up, she tripped over something which sent her staggering forward, arms flailing, and nearly landing on her face at one point.

Stumbling out of the forest she finally gathered her legs beneath her and stopped, feet astride for better balance. She stood there at the edge of the clearing, too stunned to make another move as she beheld once again the unimaginable beauty in that world. What she saw went beyond anything she had ever seen or experienced.

Before her was a rocky promontory where water spewed out in vivid light streamers. She could hear sounds like those of thousands of heavenly harps, softly playing a random, undulating melody that seemed to be coming right out of the waterfall!

Jansen looked up the rest of the way slowly and nearly fell over backwards on her backside. Each color undulated in time with the change of each of the harps sounds. The entire clearing was around the falls was aglow in heavenly flashing colors.

“The Singing Waterfall!” Jansen thought, smiling. “OK, then, that proves this place was visited by someone else from Earth, someone I know? Or have I been here before? And thanks to my college friend's stories that awoke some old memories of my own, memories that I did not know I had!” Jansen thought.

She was feeling both puzzled and mesmerized as well as having some vertigo returning, not from a panic state but from one of reverence and awe of the overpowering beauty that lay before her.

A shiver ran through her as she thought of the immensity of the world she beheld. Then to try and fathom the magical waterfall itself, the source of the pool of wisdom. And the children here are its keepers, as they always have been since time immemorial, she thought. She felt overwhelmed with the energies she being radiated upon her. The possible implications of what this meant left her rather dizzy at the realization of her place in the universe. “What am I but a mere mortal?” she said to herself.

A mere mortal being! A stranger who had been assigned a position to be the protector of the keepers of the Singing Waterfall! Her mission was to preserve this habitat from outside invasion or any outside influence at all costs.

After learning what they had learned about beings who had invaded their world some thousands of years ago, so it is guessed, the people here do not have any concept of time. The intruders from above had brought trouble straight away. And then followed more lights from the heavens who stepped in and chased the bad ones away. So they learned from beings like us that there was good and bad in the outside people. Jansen thanked the Spirit that this planet was one of few that wouldn't be stumbled upon unless they were lost. This world is lucky to not have been discovered by those who could have done worse.

Jansen got down on her knees and sat back on her heels and closed her eyes. She could see the wavering energy colors from the falls through her closed eyelids. She bowed slightly and said softly and simply, "I accept."

Jansen got up slowly and turned, not looking back at the Singing Waterfall, and walked straight to where Antana waited for her. Antana sidled up to her and stretched her hand out to help her over an embankment. Jansen raised her hand up in response and stopped dead in her tracks. All around her right arm and around the fingers of her right hand was a bright glow of pale blue indigo, dark blue, purple and dark purple farthest out that dissipated in the air like a fine mist.

She just froze for a moment not knowing what to do. One thing she knew; she could not go back to the Singing Waterfall to return the energy or or even glance back in that direction. The falls had instructed her through her own thoughts, and she knew what she had to do. She reached out for Antana to help her over the knoll.

Antana led the way back into the forest, turning periodically to look at Jansen. Jansen walked while looking at her glowing arms, torso, and legs. With the glow they were giving off, she had no problem seeing the trail back.

Teddy didn't know what to make of Jansen, canting her head side to side, blinking her pink eyes. She threw her head back and snorted, then lowered her head to take a closer look at Jansen. Head whipping back, she snorted once again then looked at Jansen once more then lowered her head to the ground so Jansen could climb into the basket weave saddle.

Securing herself to the saddle, Jansen gave the mental command. She felt herself jerk backwards in the saddle as Teddy’s large wings beat the air around them. Another mental command and she felt them curve straight up into the clear sky. Above them was Quintari. It all felt so exhilarating and magical mixed in one, like Teddy and Jansen could actually fly there. Another command and they curved suddenly downward and Jansen's stomach went for a flip.


Agathar Part 13

Teddy glided down on the air current only moving her wings to steer. Then Jansen felt a thump as she hit the

wooden deck of the tree platform from where they had left. The dragon jogged to a stop next to the tree trunk and lowered her head to the ground. Jansen untied herself from the saddle and slid down Teddy's neck to grassy earth.

Teddy looked deeply into Jansen’s eyes with her large pink ones then snorted and turned and jumped up, wings spread. One flap of the wings and she was perched on the next large limb above where she had been before this latest journey started.

It appeared to Jansen almost like none of it had happened, that maybe she had imagined it all. After all, under normal circumstances it was a hard to believe experience. She shook her head to better clear it so she could put the pieces back into their proper perspective.

Of one thing she was certain in her heart and mind: She could not deny the reality of the experience she had just had. It's just that it had been all so overwhelming. It was more than she could partake of this entire experiential meal in one bite. She would have to do it one spoon full at a time to make any sense of her encounter and communications with the feathered dragon and the Singing Waterfalls.

Jansen slipped out of her clothes quietly and was about to slide under that blankets when she heard a voice from the adjacent bunk. "How was the reunion?" Jeji asked in a half-whisper, so as to not awaken anyone else in the dormitory. Jansen turned to look towards where she had heard the voice and saw the form of Jeji sitting up on the edge of the bunk. "How did you know about any reunion? I almost didn't go because I didn't have the faith in my ability to get on Teddy's back and actually connect with her mind to mind. Actually it felt more like heart to heart" Jansen responded.

"I knew you could and I knew you would. I never doubted that you would. A world a time line apart from yours; this is why not many explorers from your galaxy have ever found our home except for the occasional lost souls who happen to fall through a time warp. They never stayed long. As soon as they got their bearings they left and never came back.” “This was all predestined many eons ago on the universal time lines. Or you would not have come to our world as predicted by the ancients,” Jeji responded.

Jansen looked at her quizzically and scratched her head and asked. "Time lines? Time warps? Even back home those are still only in the conceptual stage of development. How do people who live in huts in trees with hardly any complex technology, except for that which is in harmony with this world --- How have you come to have this depth of an understanding of time lines and time warps?” Jansen asked.

“You will be shown tomorrow, down under,” she said pointing at the floor with her right index finger.

"The underworld, in the root system!" Jansen exclaimed a little too loudly, as she could hear random groans followed by the creaking of the wooden frames of the bunks.

"Yes, precisely." was Jeji's whispered response as she slid back under the blankets.

Jansen eased herself into bed but was too excited after the experience she just had to feel anywhere close to sleeping. She folded her pillow and tucked it under her head and clasped her hands to the back of her head and lie there for some hours, rerunning all the tapes in her head that she had experienced in the past few days.

Jansen woke up as she waved her hand at something that was annoying her. Opening her eyes she discovered what the nuisance was. The early morning sun was shining through the large aperture to their community tree sleeping quarters. It shone brightly in her eyes as she squinted and tears rolled out onto her cheeks.

She sat up shading the glare of the sun with her right hand and she struggled to get her clothes on. Outside she stood in the shade of the large limbs and looked out over the fascinating fairy tale land before her. Not even the best of fantasy movies she had seen back home came close to describing this world. She knew right then there was no backing out of this mission, she was dedicated wholeheartedly to defending this world from the possible harm that may await them from “out there.”

The descent into the underworld root system was by a simple wooden framed elevator system strung with a rope and pulley. It groaned and creaked and at times jerked so sharply that if Jansen hadn't been hanging on she may be lying prone on the floor. They continued on for an undetermined time, straight down the hollow center of the community tree. They were on their way to a very large wooden tunnel, large enough to contain at least four giant California Redwoods.

At the bottom of the hoist way the elevator thumped to a stop. “I knew enough to keep my tongue out from between my teeth on this trip,” she said to herself.

They exited the elevator car and stood on an elevated platform made from the solid wood of the tree. All around them were several smaller tunnels going in different directions. Wooden stairs carved out of the solid wood of the tree descended from the entrances to the smaller tunnels. Antana and Dalina greeted them there. “Probably used their own transportation to get down here,” Jansen thought.

"Please follow me,” said Antana. Jeji motioned with her right hand for Jansen to proceed first then stood at attention out of courtesy and respect for Jansen’s position. Jansen noticed the military courtesy shown her even though her being a civilian it was not necessary to follow the protocols.

Antana conducted them into one of the tunnels and continued to serve as guide. The tunnel had a subdued light source that was not apparent to Jansen until she got close enough to the wall of the wooden tunnel to see it was the wood itself that glowed with its own light. The course of the tunnel had many curves to it and she also noticed that the passage way was getting smaller. They went around another curve and the tunnel ended and she found herself standing at the edge of a very large cavern of which she could not see the bottom because of a heavy, swirling fog.

She was about to turn away then something caught her eye. It looked like the inside of a tornado, she thought. “Why do I have this feeling again like I have experienced this before?” she asked herself. Then it dawned on her. “Yes! My friend from college told me something about tornado-like phenomena that could transport a person from one dimension to another. Bingo! It is only through one of these that a physical body can travel from one dimension to another!” “So the chance for someone to enter one from out there was slight to none," she announced to Antana, excitedly. Jansen was so excited with her discovery that she was about to dance a jig!

The swirling tornado fog dissipated and a star field appeared. There were stars and galaxies, millions of them. Lines of light traced their way through the galaxies and stars connecting them together into the entire universe. It appeared like an infinitely woven web continuously extending and weaving its way outwards. The threads sparkled and pulsated, it apeared to be incredibly sentient like in nature.


Agathar Part 14Jansen froze to the spot, feeling tingling going up and down her entire body as she tried to grasp the overwhelming immensity and implications of exactly what she had observed below. One star shone very brightly at the center of the pulsating threads, Jansen had noticed. If focused too long on it she felt drawn. So strong was the yearning she thought she would be absorbed into its light. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head and finally came out of the trance. For just a second she remembered the impulse she had had to jump down the tunnel, which now had returned to the swirling fog, like the inside of a tornado.

Jeji came to her side and guided her to a seat closer to the central platform and helped her to sit, then sat next to her with her hand on Jansen’s back. Jansen was speechless for the moment and could only bite on her right index finger, looking perplexedly at Jeji. Antana walked towards them followed shortly after by Dalina.

Antana approached and sat next to Jansen on the other side of the bench and said to her, "Everything will be as it is meant to be, and in time you will learn from Banitra, the Bright One. The Bright One speaks through Universe. You will feel the voice speaking and you will know what needs to be done." 

Jansen looked blankly at Antana, lost for words. She raised her arms and started to say something but just let them drop to her side again. What she wished to say would not form in her mind long enough to express into words. She needed some time to let all that she had experienced on this day digest into some coherence in her mind.

But one point got through, and that was that it sounded very much like the people of this world looked to the central star, from what she could gather, as a central consciousness of the universal web. In other words, for lack of a better description, and to keep it brief, the central star was revered by the Agatharians as the equivalent of the Goddess of the Universe. Jansen wondered if this universe was the same one she had left or was it another one in another reality in the realm of quantum potentialities.

Finally Jansen cleared her throat and spoke, pointing towards the tunnel. "That was the great Goddess of Universe!” she squeaked, and cleared her throat once more, and repeated what she had said.

Both Antana and Dalina shook their heads vigorously in agreement and smiled and spoke simultaneously the word "Banitra!"

As they began to walk back to the stairs leading up to the platform they stopped and looked back once more at the swirling, churning cloud-like formation that completely swallowed up the walls of the tunnel. No sound came from the tempest in the tunnel, but one knew of its presence just by feeling the strong vibrating energy, like one would from a nearby tornado. Even from the distance they stood away from it, its ferocity could be felt.

Jansen shivered while entranced by the overwhelming beauty of universe and the enchantment of Banitra. For a second she was so drawn to it that she had felt an overpowering urge to dive in, like taking a swan dive off a diving board into a swimming pool.

Going back up the shaky and bumpy wooden frame elevator, Jansen held onto the railing tightly. Once topside again, the wooden gate opened and Jansen stepped out into the sunlight and sat on the first seat that became available to her. She needed to be in touch with reality again, even if just for a little while, for she knew that what she had seen thus far were only short previews of the main attractions to come.

The next morning after breakfast she and Jeji and a good many of the dragonfly-winged children were present, all sitting around the large long wooden dining room table which also served as a conference table.

Antana stood upon her chair. The room was silent. Crossing her arms she bowed slightly with her eyes closed, then straightened again and spoke: "The time that we have feared has come, my friends. Soon it will be time to use the plans that have been practiced for so long. We hoped that this time would never come. The outside beings are moving in the direction the quantum gate.”

Jansen raised her hand and asked, "Wait a minute! Are we talking about worm holes or star gates? Worm holes are a natural phenomenon, but most times I have heard about star gates they turned out to be artificial, constructed, not created."

Antana responded, "Yes they are a natural phenomenon but they can be manipulated by intelligent beings. Many eons ago the beings that were the care takers of this world had set it up in such a way that they had not thought they would be discovered by future beings"

Jansen sat down slowly, and said, “We have some big problems coming our way if they discover this world. The gate will be mapped into their star charts for future beings to find." Scratching her chin she stopped and said, "The tornado in the in the tunnel in the root system below us is somehow connected to the outside layers as well as the inner layers or dimensions of space and time."

"Yes," Antana said, then raised her hands and a mist materialized on the table before them. It began to swirl faster and faster until it formed into the shape of a miniature tornado, a replica of the one they had observed below in the root system tunnel.

When the tornado-shaped mist spread outwards and vanished into the air, the tornado had been replaced by a dark sphere. Then Jansen noticed that the darkness in the sphere was perforated with tiny points of light. “The pinpoints of light are stars,” she thought. To the far right she recognized Banitra. If so, this would mean that we were looking at a different place in the universe but still within the galactic area.

“Look closely,” Antana said as the scene in the large sphere zoomed in closer to a certain star and stopped. "There," she pointed, to the left of a dark nebula. Then Jansen saw them. Many tiny dots moving against the bright background of clustered stars.

Antana continued: “Judging by our astral coordinates they are coming straight for the gate. They will arrive in about 22 days or planet spins.” Having finished, she stepped down and said, “I wish to see everyone here tonight present at sunrise, in this room.” She clapped her hands and the image of the dark sphere vanished.


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