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Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Thunder Spirit Garden

The Thunder Spirit Garden 

The Fairy Realm and its Inhabitants

The fairies live in the same world as human beings but in a different dimension, which is known as the Lower Realms; the Lower Realms contain 3 realms, and the different fairy societies live in the first of the 3 realms. The fairy tribes that I work with (or are around me) are the following: elves, gnomes, dwarfs, blue angels, trolls, sylphs, nymphs, flame dancers, salamanders, leprechauns, flower fairies, tree fairies, garden fairies, hobgoblins, brownies, unicorns, fauns and satyrs.

All of the above listed consider themselves to be fairies; the word fairy is to them what we humans describe ourselves as, human beings. Amongst humans are different races and amongst fairies there are different races.

Some of the societies are ruled by a higher court while other are ruled by a king and a queen, for example some of the elf societies listen to a higher court while other elf societies are governed by a king and a queen, or put in other words, each of the many fairy societies has its own court or king/queen.

How to Attract Fairies

Let me share the bad news first: There are many ways to try to attract fairies but making the effort does not mean that they will come to you. I have come across countless websites and books where the authors have long lists of how to attract fairies by performing intricate rituals, casting spells, baking special cookies etc. Unfortunately none of this will work if they do not find you honorable; there is nothing you can do or say to make them come to you if they do not find you worthy.

Fairies choose the humans they want to associate with and if they do not show up there is not much you can do to change that no matter how hard you try. All the rituals or spells in the world will not attract them if they are not comfortable around you. Fairies are able to see what we are all about; they know our true character. I does not matter what we show on the outside because they are able to see and read our energy field and that never lies. Worst case scenario for anyone who tries to invoke the fairy people over and over will be that you make it very comfortable for the dark fairies to move in and then you will have a big mess on your hands because the dark ones create havoc where ever they get an opportunity.

Dark Fairies and Parallel Realms

Before sharing the good news about how to attract the fairy people, I think I should explain some history about the dark fairies. A very long time ago humans and the various fairy societies walked the earth together. They never lived together, rather you could say that the two races (humans and fairies) lived in separate communities and the fairy people allowed humans to visit from time to time. Amongst other things, the fairy people taught humans how to survive by sharing their expertise on earth medicine and how to make use of minerals and metals for use in technology so that we could progress as a race. There came a time when humans thought of themselves as superior to the fairy people and went to war against them to have control over the world and all people. (Not much has change since those days in this regard.) Humans took everything that the fairy people had taught them and turned it against them.

Ever since this betrayal many of the fairy people have shied away from humans; masters in magic and controlling energy as they were (and still are) they moved out of sight from humans to a higher level of vibration, to a different realm of existence. This vibration level has always existed, like a first home, but when humans went against them they decided to move back to this realm and they have stayed there ever since.

While the majority of the fairy people never gave up hope of human and did eventually forgive us, they never have forgotten and still grieve humans’ ignorance and malevolent behavior. Unfortunately there are some fairies (what we call the dark fairies) that have never forgiven us for the way we treated them and they are out for revenge. The dark ones do not care if you are pure at heart and wish nothing but good, all they can see is that you are of that race that once betrayed them.

So what do you do if you suspect that dark fairies have moved in? More bad news: You need help from an expert to get rid of them because putting salt around your home and/or iron and flint stones (traditional things that often are listed as ‘antidotes’ against unwelcome beings) will not help. It is true, however, that any human is more powerful than any negative entity and by a simple command as, “I demand you to leave”, will force them to leave. But by the time that you are aware that dark fairies have moved in, it is very likely that the damage has already been done, that they have accomplished their destructive mission.

The very nature of the fairies – as of humans – is energy, so you can only fight back with energy; you have to find someone who has knowledge of how to connect to a higher level of vibration and from here direct the dark fairies to leave. Shamans are in particular masters of this, and when the Shaman enters into this higher frequency he or she will be aided by the friendly fairy people because they cannot stand hate and anger and they will fight against negativity of this kind. (Side note: “Fight back” may be a wrong term to use because when we ‘fight back’ we usually engage ourselves with anger and hatred which are energies that give the dark ones more power. A more correct way to phrase this is blocking their energy or neutralizing negativity, which Shamans are experts in. Keep in mind also that dark entities are very pleased when they can put fear into humans; they feed off of fear which thus gives them more power.)

Friendly Fairies and Humans

And now the good news: The fairy people (of the Light) do fall in love with humans but not in romantic or sexual ways as we humans put in context with love. Rather ‘fairy love’ is extremely pure and deep. They live and breathe love; they are the most loving spirit beings. Anger, hate, greed, jealousy and so forth are concepts that they will not tolerate or take part in. They operate from love.

For fairies, when they love you they also help protect you against dark fairies. As I mentioned above, the dark fairies wish nothing good to happen to humans. These fairies have not been able to let go of the destructive ways that humans have shown through history, and they seek revenge. But when you are surrounded with the fairies of the Light, you are also protected from the dark ones; the friendly fairy people guard and protect you against them.

When the fairies of the Light fall in love with humans, although it is rare, it is forever and they will never part from you; they will stay with you during many life times – but know that they can turn their back at you temporarily: They detest anger and hate, and they will not be around you if you are angry and/or hateful towards someone or something. Thus there are conditions involved. They will not part ways with you if you keep working on negativity in yourself and in your life. They will forgive occasional ‘slip-ups’, but they demonstrate their dislike by leaving you alone when you feel and/or express extreme negativity. Being upset is a different story: This does not entail extreme negative emotions and they will do their best to cheer you up. After all, they understand that ‘we are only humans’ and they will not part ways with the ones they have chosen to be around.

My husband and I are so very fortunate to work closely with different fairy groups, and the love we share for one another is totally beyond what we usually put in context with ‘human love’. When the fairies fall in love they do not hesitate to share their abundant knowledge, wisdom and insights; they share information on all kinds of mysteries of life; they share information about other realms and about this planet. They educate us in everything from how we can better ourselves and this planet, to how to use botanicals for medicinal purposes. (Their main concern as the guardian spirits of the nature is of course Mother Earth.) But while educating us, they also show their love through tremendous playfulness (they love practical jokes); they will travel with you if you go on vacation; they will cheer you up if you are down by moving small objects around in your house and/or give you something nice that they found somewhere, and they will empower you in different areas of your life.

I remember the time my mentor Keinna was visiting us from Canada. Keinna is of an ancient Shaman lineage and I think a perfect way to describe her vast knowledge is: “What Keinna does not know is not worth knowing”. Or put in other words, nothing is new to her and nothing surprises her. Anyhow, my husband and I were sharing some stories about how we find pennies around the house from time to time that the fairies leave. She got this impish twinkle in her eyes and commented, “If the fairies really love us they would leave silver instead of copper, after all how much can you buy with a penny?” Of course this was all said as a joke. Later that evening she was in our bathroom washing her face. She came out of the bathroom laughing. She opened her hand and showed us a dime. She told us that as she was turning the water on to rinse her face and “someone” threw a dime on her. All she could do was laugh and say, “Well I told them to leave silver!” This is very typical example of the fairies playing around.

I am Lia, A.K.A. Neneah, Medell, Singing Thunder of the Thunderbird Clan

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