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Monday, 10 March 2014

Elves and Pixies

Elves and  Pixies Personalities

It is with great love and affection I write this next section because over the years the more I have come to know and understand the different groups of fairies, the more I have been able to distinct each group’s different personalities. They do have universal traits, where everything they do evolves around love, magic and healing; they have a profound knowledge of this planet and of everything living on Mother Earth, which they all guard and protect. And they are always willing to share this knowledge with us.


The two groups of Elves that are around me are the Elves of Light and the Pixies (and a group that I call ‘the Hidden Elves’ but I will not further go into this group because they prefer to be just that, hidden from humans). The Elves of Light and Pixies are experts in earth medicine as well as masters of energy healing. Although this healing energy is usually directed to nature, they do have the ability to heal human ailments.

Even though they are of two different societies they never go anywhere without one another. When my husband and I travel up north every fall, the elves always come with us. They love adventures, not only with us but also to meet other fairy societies at different locations. Even when we go to the grocery store or craft stores, they join us (perhaps to check out what they can steal?).

The high-light of adventures is when my husband and I go to Canada to see my mentor. She has lots of fairies around her also, and when the two groups of fairies get together they always arrange big parties. They want us to stay up all night with them and they always tug my mattress to wake me up to come join them. Another high-light is when we drum for them. They get energy from the drums and it is almost like they become one with the energy from the drum. The little ones love singing, dancing and music so it is natural they would enjoy the drumming.

They also love to blame one another for any mischief they have been up to, but it is always with playfulness and affection when they point fingers. I can hear them giggle while pointing fingers at each other.

One of the other things they like to do is fairy fires (I have not quite figured out yet which fairy group is responsible for this). A fairy fire is when they turn the colors of the fire that we have going into pure magic: The flames are no longer orange-yellow; instead the flames turn into an amazing variety of colors such as blue, green, pink and purple. They also rearrange items around our house; they make the house phone ring three times and then hang up and then ring again three times, hang up, and then a last three-time ring. This is just some of their caring traits and how it is expressed.

The elves adore when we ask them questions about their dimension and whether the stories that we have read in books are true or not. And they love when I read out loud from books about fairies, like a story time, especially when we are at the sacred area and having a fire going.

The flower-, tree- and garden fairies fit in here too. They are elves as well, and I cannot tell you how much they mean to me and how much they have taught me about gardening and herbal medicine. Granted, every fairy group is very knowledgeable about earth medicine but the garden fairies are the true experts (alongside with Trolls and Gnomes). I think it is self-explanatory what function the flower fairies and tree fairies have. The garden fairies function is to oversee the work of the flower- and tree fairies.

They all work hard from spring up until they are sure that everything growing are sleeping in the winter, then they return to their dimension only to come back when there is a freak warm-up in the winter to convince the plants to go back to sleep. It sure is a tough job they have but they love what they do.

Make no mistake about it. These fairies can be very mischievous as well. I have this aversion to yellow flowers and they know it. So how do they handle that? They have made sure that there are yellow flowers growing in my different gardens – and I did not plant any of these myself. (I have to admit that where they plant these yellow flowers often look very good and create nice contrasts to the blue, red, white and purple flowers that I prefer to grow.) Each year when this happens, I take this with a big laugh and I understand their message: Love and appreciate everything around you.

Another example of the magic they possess is the Hibiscus we have in our back yard that is on its 5th year and through their magic grows to about 6 1/2 -7 feet tall by July every year. Our dog even managed to pull it out of the ground last winter with roots and all, and after lying on the frozen ground for who knows how long, we replanted it and in the spring it came back healthy and alive. (But I do not think this is because of my green thumbs.)

When a plant dies it is the flower-, tree- and garden elves that take care of the spirit of the plant. They are the Nature’s Angels. This is very humbling to see on a grand scale when a tornado has done a touch down and uprooted trees. Yes, trees have spirits too and it is the tree fairies job to make sure to find a new home for the tree spirit once a tree has died.

We have brownies around us too. They are very shy and soft-spoken. They are wonderful little elves and look after me and help me a lot from spring through fall when I work outdoors in my gardens. Bees and wasps are close allies to the brownies: They make sure I go inside when it is too hot and humid to work outside by telling the honey bees to swarm around me. The bees circles a few times around me and then go away, and if I still stay out they will appear again and do the same procedure until I finally listen to them. (This happens so often but I have never been stung.) They also give me a hand in the shed where I dry my herbs.

I have a very special relationship to bees and wasps, and I take good care of them by having little bowls of sugar-water and other sweet foods at strategic places. The wasps love meat, and I treat them once in a while with pieces of sandwich ham. In my greenhouse there are countless wasp nests and I can go in there and do my work without the wasps paying much attention of me. As with the honey bees, I have never been stung. During the hottest days in the summer I shower the inside of the greenhouse, which the wasps love and come flying in and out of the water showers, like kids playing by the fire hydrant.

My husband cannot stand the bees and wasps because they always seem to target him. But I know that this is not a malice behavior on their part because they provide him with medicine that he needs when they sting: My husband suffers a great deal from arthritis, and when they sting they inject anti-inflammatory medicine which consequently relieves joint pain. Granted I have heard that it is painful to be stung, but my husband simply cannot come to terms with that something good can come from enduring a little pain such as a little bee sting. Come to think of it, part of the problem with his aversion towards the wasps might be the fact that he gets stung 10 to 15 times a year. I remember one time they even chased him into the pool. I keep telling him that he must really need their medicine and that he should thank them. (I can not help but find it humorous when he walks in from the yard bitching about how my damn bees got him again.)

I know people find it hard to believe that one can actually communicate with bees and wasps, but my many experiences have convinced me (in addition I believe that everything has a spirit and thus we can commune with every spirit). I remember a couple of summers ago when my husband came into the house complaining about a very large wasps nest just next to our front door. He grabbed a can of wasp spray and told me that he did not mind if my ‘friends’ lived where he could stay away from them, but when they stopped him from coming into our house then it has gone too far. I had to agree with him but I asked him to give me one day to see if I could solve this problem my way. So I went out and talked to the wasps and told them that if they did not leave by the next day, we had no choice but to kill them. So what happens? The next day my husband was armed to the teeth with his wasp spray and there was not a wasp to be found in the nest. I actually think he might have been a little disappointed at his chance to get back at them for all the stings he gets every summer.

Thunder Spirit Garden
Posted by Cynthia

I have had personal experience with the elves of light and the sparkle pixies I have known them for a very long time, since childhood. Communications is quite clear as they communicate through feelings and emotions. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will tell you the best I can from personal experience, with our tiny beings from the land within

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