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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Elementals ~ Natures Spirits ~ their importance

Elementals / Natures Spirits - Why they are so important to the planet and us. 

Many people have some awareness of elementals/nature spirits even though they may not really believe in them. However, they are VERY real and without them our planet would not exist and we would not be here!

There are many aspects of what the nature spirits do that most people are not aware of. What is presented below is a very general overview of the different types of nature spirits, but just like humans, they come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, personalities and temperaments - including fairies, elves, dwarfs, sprites, brownies, pixies, etc. Elementals are also great mimicers of humans and our myriad range of emotions. They easily take on the vibrations of their surroundings and the energy of humans. Because of all this, everyone's experiences with the nature spirits will be different.

Why do we not normally see the elementals?

Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency - including material matter, light rays, radio waves and even thoughts and emotions. As humans we only see a very limited band of frequencies that make up our color spectrum, whereas there are infinite vibrational frequencies outside of what we perceive. The elementals are simply vibrating at a higher frequency than we can usually perceive. Some humans though have developed their sight so they can easily see them. Many children are also aware of them since they have recently come from the heaven world and still retain their inner sight for awhile.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes), Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are amongst though who came to believe in the existence of nature spirits. In fact, Tesla and Edison both were trying to develop a device to photograph them.

Different types of elementals

There are four classes of nature elementals. They tend the forces of nature and sustain the four elements of earth (gnomes), air (sylphs), salamanders (fire) and undines (water).

The Earth Element and Gnomes

The nature spirits called gnomes are the ones who tend and care for the earth at the physical level. There are billions of gnomes and without them, the planet would not be habitable by humans. Amongst the things that gnomes are responsible for are:

- enriching the soil and the formation of all the minerals and elements found in the earth
- processing the waste and by-products of everyday existence and purging the earth of dangerous pollutants and poisons that are harmful to us
- the protection of and maintaining the form of every plant, flower and growing thing produced in the earth

On the spiritual level, the gnomes have equally important and even heavier chores. They must clean up the energetic release that is imprinted on the earth due to mankind's discord and negativity. This includes the imprint from wars, murders, abuse, torture, etc., as well as from the negative emotions of anger, hatred, discord, and the like. All of these combine to form an enormous amount of negatively charged energy that weighs on the earth body and the nature spirits.

Gnomes vary in appearance as reported by those who have developed their inner vision. Some are short and impish, some appear as very small elves to 3 foot high dwarves and even more giant sized gnomes.

Also associated with the earth element are Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Wood Nymphs and Brownies.

The Air Element and Sylphs

As with the gnomes, we could not survive without the aid of the air elementals - the sylphs. They are responsible for:

- tending to the air element, atmospheric conditions and directing air flows
- aerating every cell with prana - the sacred breath of Spirit which nourishes all things
- purifying the atmosphere of pollutants such as car exhaust and toxic fumes released from factories

The air element also corresponds to the mental plane - or mind. The sylphs also purify the mental level from negative energies and pollutants such as anger, resentment, greed, bigotry and other poisons.

Sylphs usually have thin ethereal bodies that can transform into many shapes as they soar through the air. Their passage are often defined by the formation of clouds. They are able to travel very quickly and over great distances.

The Fire Element and Salamanders

These nature spirits - the salamanders - work with the fire element and their work is crucial to our existence:

- infusing the molecules of matter and all creation with the energies of the Spirit necessary to sustain life on earth - without the spark of life the salamanders sustain, matter would decay, corrode and disintegrate
- controlling the spiritual-material oscillation of light within the nucleus of every atom
- agents for transferring the fires of the subtle world for mankind's daily use - electricity, firelight, etc.

The salamanders are also responsible for absorbing and transmuting huge masses of negativity over the large cities on earth. Without them, crime and darkness would be much more rampant.

These nature spirits are the biggest, most powerful of the elementals. They are tall, majestic beings appearing as pulsating rainbow fire.

The Water Element and Undines

The undines are the nature spirits whose domain is the water element and they govern water and its energies wherever they are - large or small sources. The critical jobs they are responsible for are:

- purification of water everywhere - including in our own bodies
- toiling ceaselessly to cleanse the water of earth poisoned by toxins, sewage, industrial waste, oil spills, chemical and other substances
- control of the tides, oxygenation and precipitation
- control of all of the fish and mineral life in the seas and in the water of the earth

The undines also cleanse the aspect of mankind's life which relates to the water element - their emotions. They carry the weight of our emotional pollution - feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, etc.

These elementals are beautiful, mermaidlike beings. They are swift and subtle in their movements and can change form quickly.

The miracle of life is the miracle of the elementals!

As can be seen, we are totally dependent on the selfless service of the nature spirits, who are mostly unrecognized by the majority of mankind. And yet they give us the miracle of life and without them, life on earth would not be possible!
Nature's guardians never fail to respond to the universal language of Love. Every compassionate gesture from man is joyously communicated from one elemental to another around the world and the love energy is returned to man amplified many times over.

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