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Saturday, 19 April 2014

My observations and experience with the fairies continued

My Observations and Experience with the Fairies (continued)

Fairies are the most commonly known elementals, probably because they have been in lore and in our literature everywhere around the world.  Fairies have the also been recorded as guardians of plants and flowers. You may or may not see them, only depending on how much you truly desire in your heart to do so. If you are at a higher rate of sensitivity than the average person, you could see them, if you so desire. Most people do better at sensing than actually seeing them. Every plant has a Fairy on it, maybe even more than one. You will particularly be able to feel Fairy energy more often around flowers. Fairies also stay with cut flowers after they have been picked so if you have bunches of flowers in your house, Fairies will be nearby. You can feel their presence through the scent of the flowers.

The Fairies were the first Elementals that introduced themselves to me. At the start I could not see or hear Fairies but I could feel their excitable energy. Only through the years did I come to differentiate this feeling from any other. After a some time I began to enjoy being out in the woods. I always have, but this time it was different. It was like I could actually feel the life essence of the forest itself.  I felt like I was part of it. I still do. I just became more sensitive and aware of things most people didn't even realise were in existence. I remembered as a child when I did see the wee folks, such an amazing time that was. I named them my invisible friends, as they would be to any other nearby. It was on these little excursions into the woods that I began working on connecting into the Fairy realm I started to hear them and to see them on occasion. Fairies have squeaky little voices and are very playful but also sometimes a bit mischievous. They look like little people with slender bodies, big eyes (usually blue) and pointy ears.

But mind you, they can appear to you in the form of whatever conception you have of them, like shapeshifting to your own conception of them. This explains the many different forms reported  by eye witnesses and poets that have described them  all around the world.  The flower Fairies wear hats which are usually the flower they are guarding and living on. 

They all wear different colours depending on their plant type and they have beautiful little wings protruding from their back, some with dragonfly wings and some with butterfly wings. You need to be relaxed and conscious of the environment around you for they are very subtle in form like tiny wisps of smoke, so you need to be at peace and at rest.

The Fairy elementals have been here for a very long time, possibly since the beginning of life on this world, what was once their entire domain. They also knew that their duty was to help all of life to evolve and emerge from the dark void into the light. They are here to safeguard all of flora and fauna of the world, especially the plant kingdom and to produce beautiful flower displays for insects, animals, humans and birds. 

All of the earth is an intricate system working in harmony and balance. Every time man interferes with that balance in nature another species makes it's leave as so do the fairies, returning to their domain. I can't urge enough how crucially important it is for man to change their attitude that the planet's resources are inexhaustible. WE only live on a very small finite ball, the only one of its kind we know that can support life for millions of light years..

The Fairies are a very friendly group of Elementals who love to be spoken to and asked to help or just to listen while you communicate with them. No word of mouth is necessary, communication is from mind to mind. Fairies are very powerful abilities and can bring about transformations through the processes of firm belief and clear visualisation. They can attract what is necessary for the continuum of life on our planet. The Fairies who have been here since before recoded time are still willing to work with humans who are pure of heart and open minded enough to learn about their powerful transformation skills, for one, using the moon cycles that produce an energising affect in the upper atmosphere like the tides in our oceans, to harness the available energy for all here on earth.

Fairies are also keen to help with terrestrial energies, to heal our hearts and to find love empathy and compassion in everything and every situation. They have made it known to me how sad they felt watching the behaviour of humans. This was not meant to be, this apathy among humans was not meant to go on as long as it has. So it was told to me from mind to mind with my visit with the Fairies. It pains them to watch humans' behaviour towards one and other and the animals and nature. 

Fairies reside together in clans or large families as we call it, and they like to socialize, party and have fun together just as much, if not more often than, humans. They always see the love in every situation however, they do get angry when we trash their homes and show no respect for planet Earth and this is why they have a mischievous reputation.

Mind Speak With the Fairies

To connect into the Fairy realm all you need to do is to sit amongst flowers and plants. Quiet your mind and close your eyes. If you wish to but not necessary, perhaps holding pieces of bright coloured cloth as the Fairies are attracted to the bright colours like that of the  flowers, or something sparkly will also get their attention. 

Fairies connect with us through mind speak. It can also be called clairsentience, which is intuition that allows us to receive messages through feelings. Open your heart to the Fairies. Still keeping your eyes closed, allow yourself to feel them to come to you. 

They can truly know who we are. Remember, like some of us are more sensitive than others, the fairy beings are at a higher form in the evolutionary system. They have sensitivities much beyond ours. Fairies can truly see if you have any problems or tendencies you know are not serving you well. There is nothing you can hide from them and if you share your innermost feelings with them, the Fairies can help you to heal. All is lifted within their light and help us to see a better way of being. "Listen to the little voice within you."

Imagine yourself surrounded in a ball of white light. You may see sparkles and flashes as the Fairies throw their healing dust upon you. Imagine that from your feet there are roots reaching down deep into the ground connecting with the soul energy of Mother Gaea. who protects and nurtures all life.  Now share your thoughts with the Fairies just like you would a trusted friend. Ask them anything and notice any thoughts, feelings or visions that you get as the Fairies communicate with you.

Once you connect with the Fairies you will feel a greater need to connect with nature and be much more conscious of the damage being done to our Mother Gaea. You will feel an urgent need to open peoples' eyes to both the beauty of nature and its connectedness to the spirit of all living things. You do your best to educate them to do their part even if it is just by encouraging you to pick up litter, participate in environmental projects, or perhaps create a nature garden.

Although some Fairies may visit gardens in towns and cities, Fairies and Elementals prefer wild, natural environments, therefore you will find more of them in these locations that are not so populated by man as their sustaining energy is more abundant in these unpopulated locations,

Fairies are good helpers in the garden, guiding you to the right plants to buy and where to place them in your garden, for example. Just knowing the exact right location where each plant will thrive the best and how to best tend to these plants can be advice from the Fairies. If you seek a little more meaning in your life ask the Fairies for their guidance, then take a moment of silence and listen for the tiny voice within you.

I would love to hear from you, My Dear Friends and Followers!
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Cynthia ©.

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