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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Orbs, Rods, Sparklies, Light Beings, Fairies etc.

Orbs, Rods, Sparklies, Light Beings, Fairies etc.
Researched by Cindy on November 10/2011 at 9:26

HI dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you this article I have personally pieced together myself, a continuation on the topic of orbs and other ethereal phenomena. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog

I have seen orbs on occasion, one such occasion, in particular, I shall never forget. My partner and I were visiting a friend on Long Island, we were residing in her cottage near the ocean. I woke up one morning to find my partner sitting in a chair, intently examining her leg. She had what appeared to be a discolored ulcerated area on her left leg, about the size of a quarter, possibly melanoma.

We walked down to the ocean shore which was only a short distance away from our friends guest cottage. I sat on the shore while she waded into the water up to her knees then she stood still while apparently gazing absently across the water. While she stood there not moving, something caught my attention, it was about the size of a quarter about six inches distance to the left side of her head. I had first thought it was a large insect, as my eyes adjusted I was awed at what I saw.

It was perfectly spherical in shape and semi-transparent. It appeared to be emitting its own light from within, a brilliant purple radiance. Even though I had seen orbs on different occasions before, I had never seen one quite so detailed like this one before or since. I could actually see what looked like a network of tiny spider-like veins within it similar as what one would see in a jellyfish. It hovered only inches away from her left ear for a few seconds then it, "POOF," gone .

When my mate came out of the water we were both amazed to see that the discolored spot on her leg had completely vanished.

Has anyone seen the orbs and the sparklies? It is not necessary to have a camera to see sparklies, they are most observable in the daytime and can be seen best in the bright blue sky. Tiny pinpoints of light, like tiny sparks everywhere in the sky appearing to blink along a straight line in different directions. You can also see them occasionally around the house at night, especially on the ceiling and walls after lights out. They almost look like tiny blinking stars in a night sky.

Has anyone seen the light beings? A faint humanoid silhouette within a bright oval shaped bluish white light. Usually standing at about 7 o 8 ft tall.

How about the spirit shadows, not the kind one would associate with being bad, I am speaking of the ghost like ones that you see at your peripheral vision, hovering about like guardian angels. I have one who has been with me since I was nine years old, I named her Cassandra.

Then you have those elusive luminous bars like thingies of various colors, like the orbs, they can only be seen by those whose perceptive sensitivities are at a much higher vibrational frequency than average, or through a camera lens. They appear to be bar or tube shaped and look like they have fins along both sides their entire length. It is these fins vibrating at a very fast velocity that appears to propel them through the air at an eye-blurring movement.

The orbs, on the other hand, are spherical in shape and can also be perceived in varying colors, like soap bubbles that glow in the dark. The fairy type entities appear to be a smaller version carbon copy of the larger light beings I mentioned earlier in this post. I suspect there is a connection with these phenomena of luminous energy entities as I have described and many other different forms of light energy entities, perhaps interdenominational sentient energy beings we have still not detected with our senses. Only in recent years have they been more frequently detected with the advent of the digital camera.

The two photos bellow are an example of orbs

Sparklies magnified. Pin point but very bright like below 


Orbs, Fairies and bars

Thank you for your interest this article has been researched and put together on the date stated above 
Please feel free to share your thoughts, thank you

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