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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fairy Ladies Saturday humor corner

Howdy peeps, Frizzy Lizzy here on the keyboard with my friend Nancy. 

Frizzy Lizzy

Nancy:  Rise and shine, Buttercup!

I'm out of bed and I made it to the keyboard. What more do you expect of me? I told you around nine when I say around 9:00 it will be closer to 9:30. 

Nancy:  Who rattled your water dish?

And please don't get on my case first thing so that I have to use uppercase; too early in the morning for that.

Nancy:  Are you ill this morning?

No! I'm fine!  My computer is not doing so fine, it's acting up again.  The way I feel right now, my definition of computer chip is what is left of it after I sledge hammer it to bits.

(The chat goes quiet, then Lizzy types)

You know, after some time chatting with a lot of these people on the web I have come to the conclusion that those who proclaim or pretend to have all this brilliance, and yet still be in the dark on most of what they chat about is beyond me. And it doesn't take a very bright light bulb to outshine me. Just bright enough to know I'm not the brightest.

Maybe they ran out of light bulbs, which I suppose is a better excuse than the ones that can't see even with a well-lit light bulb.

Government wants to put restrictions on what data is suitable for the public on the internet, they could put that money to good use on hiring a few internet cops to eliminate stupid people and that would eliminate most of the other riff raff.

Then there are those who are so gullible as to swallow all this garbage.  I think we have a few politicians that fit that description
 Composed by me Cynthia

Hi, dear friends and followers! This is just a trial run. Please share your thoughts with me if you would be interested in this humor corner on Saturdays. Something else to relax with on your weekend.

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