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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Frizzy Lizzy

"Hi!" My name is Frizzy Lizzy

I started a little exercise regime today.  I figure it was time I started to take care of myself.  Whoever was supposed to be in charge of doing it has done a really crappy job of it.  And you can rest assured that it's as little exercise as needed.

It's said that a friend will always tell you exactly what she thinks.  So I guess that makes me friends with everybody.  It's the ones who beat around the bush that bug me.  I hope they run into a bear in those bushes.

I sometimes like to do a little texting, especially when out and about taking a walk.   Well the other day I texted someone to "Kiss my lily white aspirin!"  Do I need to tell you what the end result of that text message was after my message went through the stupid auto correct?   They came to my house looking for an albino donkey!  I snapped a photo of them to submit to the dictionary publishers to use next to the word "stupid."

Last time we talked I mentioned young guys wearing their pants down around their knees and showing their butts and underwear, if they have any.  It seems to me that poor taste has two genders.   How about the women who go around wearing tights with nothing over them and thinking they've finished dressing?   Aren't they something?   Even if you have a good figure, who wants to see that much of it?   I mean, save it for the washroom already!

Speaking of texting, I decided the other day to put some money in online investing.   I soon discovered that the trouble with online investing is after you buy a PC, monitor, modem, a printer, you got about two bucks left to invest.

Well that's the way the wind blows, eh?   There comes a certain age where you can no longer use the term "Good girl, gone bad."  Now it's more like my old ass should have known better." But then no matter what the age the ass is, we all make mistakes, just some are more prone to it.   And on that note I'll take my leave before I get caught by my own bear!

Toodles, all!

"OK," the show is over folks.
You may join The Fairy Lady for tea across the street if you wish.  

Love you all

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