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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Spring Days of May

Spring Days of May

Morning wind blowing through the valleys
surrounded by mountains like sentinels on the watch.
The spring breeze rustling the leaves
on maple, birch, and oak trees.
Evergreens and pines upon the foothills of the mountains
sigh peacefully on the warming breath of the Great Mother
awakening from her long slumber.

Trilling birds singing their sweet song
among the trees all around,
announce joyfully the arrival of spring
with their delightful springtime songs.

The green trees and the golden sunshine,
in a bright blue sky only broken
by random white puffy clouds;
the grass that lay about like a green carpet
is dotted by flowers of a million hues.
The verdant trees all about,
and the sparkly blue lake not far from here,
are a delight to one's eye and heart.

I lay on the grass and watch
the puffy white clouds above,
as they spiral and change shapes;
sometimes a sailing ship,
other times a bunny or a horse.
Twirling, fluffy clouds dancing graceful waltzes.

The mountain sentinels stand firm and solid
in their coats of dark blue and green,
and in some places shades of purple,
topped in thick layers of white.
They remind me of a very large ice cream cone. 
The range beneath them has rich pastures.

But along with the sun there's always rain to follow.
Running from the drops I hid under a big old tree stump.
Almost as soon as the rain stopped the sun comes out.
And all of the Mothers little ones come out with it.

Sunlight glistens after early morning showers.
Pearls like dewdrops fastened to lilac flowers.
Beautiful little lilacs flourish in heavy clusters
Spreading honey-scented appealing fragrances.

The Mother's little ones dance and sing,
in the dewy grass, tiny droplets of water,
glistening and sparkling like tiny jewels
in the golden sunlight.

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