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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Frizzy Lizzy's Saturday humor corner

Hi dear friends and followers I thought maybe now that the weekend is here you would like something light to read.

I would also like to thank you so very much for your support and participation in this blog. I do hope that today, Lizzy's  humor sets the pace for your day. Please feel free to share.

Frizzy Lizzy's Saturday humor corner

Hi ye all, Frizzy Lizzy here, please come on in

Frizzy drops her spoon on the floor and bends down to pick it up. A snap could be heard in her back as she picked up the spoon. Puting her left hand on her left side to get up she discovered that her back pain had gone. Placing the spoon in the sink she says, "Now I believe that everything may happen for a reason but it's not very often they happen for a good reason."

Walking over to the computer room, doing her best not to spill her coffee, she sets the cup down gingerly then sits on the chair and lights up a cigarette.

Turning on the computer she takes a sip of her coffee then looks at the screen. An add about Friendship Day, Frizzy thinks, "Yeah, me celebrate Friendship Day is like a lumberjack celebrating Arbor Day."

Frizzy lays back in her chair with a sighhhhh. "I was building up pressure and about to become uncorked at the office today." Frizzy reaches over and clicks on the mouse and scrolls down then stops. "Well now, I wouldn't doubt this at all So far the Mars Rover has not found any sign of intelligent life. Guess men really are from there."

"You know the plumber was over again today. Backed up toilet. Ever noticed there is little difference as models of business between plumbers and strippers. They both charge by the hour, show a little skin, and when it's over you feel like you got screwed."

"You know, sometimes I don't need much to be unhappy. In fact, some days nothing keeps me happy, What would help is if the boss said if you're feeling poorly you can have next week off work."

"Well I guess that's the breaks kids. You win some you lose some."

"Toodle-oo peeps!"

Composed by Cynthia

Thank you so very much for following this blog,  I will always strive my dear friends to bring to you the best I can find in not just in legends, mythology, and magic, but also the unseen
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