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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Love of Elf and Fairy

Hi dear friends and followers. Today is Sunday, poem day. I would like to invite you to take another journey in the land of imagination, one of many worlds of the not yet seen. Thank you

Love of Elf and Fairy
Once long ago in a different land,
a land so different you can't see it today,
there lived a prosperous, handsome young Elf.
Terribly lonely and blue was he,
as he dreamed of the love so far away,
a love that burned deep, and as wide as the sky,
that could only be sated by she of his dreams, 
Far away was where he had ventured,
Briefly he went, as the right-hand aide
to a great and well known merchant Elf
whom all knew by the name of Adelaid.
Into the Forest of the Faie they wandered,
to bargain and trade with the Fairy folk.
They moved about swiftly, like ghosts.
On the wings of great dragonflies, they came.
And then one morning day he saw her, 
visage to rival the rays of the sun!
The Elf was smitten, his heart enthralled
by the total beauty of the Fairy princess!
So there he sat, longing for her smile.
Until nothing would keep him from her side,
Upon the great dragon's back he rode
to the Land of the Faie to be with her again.
They flew over hill and vale and seas.
And the day gave way to evening and dusk,
when at last he saw the Faie forest ahead.
The princess would go to the magical forest
where the songs of birds and insects alike,
filled the air with their dulcet melodies.
There she sought solace from her longing
For the Elf she had seen so long ago.
He found the princess seated on a stump
down-hearted, melancholy, and sad of mien, 
Pining for her the one she had met but once,
longing for her prince charming, the Elf.
But only one thing forbids their union:
The unwritten law. It cannot be done!
The Faie and Elf can't join as one!
Disaster surely to their kingdoms will come!
The Elf made his way through the magic woods,
on his way to where his princess stood.
His eyes locked with hers and he took her hand.
As they embraced there came out from the bush
Warriors with spears and swords
to dispatch them both to their final reward.
The Princess announced on the top of her voice,
“I will never to leave this gallant one's side!
We will go together, forward in life,
or we will go together to the spirit light!”
She turned and put her arms around the Elf,
spread her wings wide, turned her back to the troops
and waited for their jabs and thrusts.
There was silence, not bird nor insect sang.
Then the silence was rent by a deaf'ning roar.
The earth shook and the trees moved
And about them a circle the trees did form!
The warriors screamed, without weapons ran!
Into the forest, as fleet as a deer
Leaving only the Faie and the Elf alone. 
So that night the Elf and his Fairy princess 

upon the back of his dragon steed did they fly, 

Off to share their lives and love,

off into the starlit sky.

Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you for reading my poem and feel free to share your thoughts with us. Thoughts ideas and suggestions are always accepted and appreciated here, thank you

ڪےڰۣWith love from The Fairy Ladyڪےڰۣ

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