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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Frizzy Lizzy here, welcome friends. {;o)

Hi dear friends and followers. It is Saturday again, Frizzy Lizzy time, my the weeks go fast. Well come on in and make yourself at home.  

Men are so darn predictable, aren't they? When I need to get my Charley out of my way for a time I just ask him to work on something for me. It never fails that within a few minutes after he starts he finds out that he needs parts and off he goes to the hardware store. If I really want him gone I suppose that I could ask him to clean out the garage!

Anyway, while he's on a parts run, sit down and let's have a coffee. Glad you could make it!

I do put in some time on Facebook, I admit it, and so does Charley. Have you seen that joke that's making the rounds, the one in which the man tells his female partner that she has a butt as big as their barbecue grill? And she tells him that if he thinks that she's going to get that grill all hot for a weenie as small as his, he can dream on?

Well, Charley read that one and he thought that it would get a laugh out of me. What he didn't know is that I had already seen it and although I thought it was a cute joke I didn't laugh. No, not me. Instead of telling him how clever he was I told him that this grill needed some variety and wanted to have some Italian sausage. Next thing I knew he was heading for the neighbor's with a baseball bat in his hand. The neighbor is Luigi.

Looks like Charley got me on that one! He came back with a beer in his hand and he and Luigi laughing like two fools! That's OK. I'll fix him later/.

It's steak time on the barbecue tonight. I like using the term "I like to rub my meat with lemon and spice" never fails to make most men giggle like a bunch of morons. Jeeze! Do they ever think of anything else? Now there's the answer for Charley. He can rub his own meat!

Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you were here to see this. I couldn't make this stuff up. Yep, that's life with Charley. You can bet that tonight he'll hear the three little words that mean so much to a man: You're cut off!

Thank you very much for dropping by. Don't be shy and sahre your thoughts ideas and suggestions with us. 

ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

See you later! 

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