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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Dance

Good morning dear friends and followers, welcome again to my blog. I have another of my poems for you today about a fairy goddess from the stars. Composed by me. Have a great read and I hope you like it   

The Dance

I dreamed that I stood at my window
on a clear and starlit night.
And there, among the northern stars
she twirled like a ballerina.
Her skirt swirled 'round as she danced there,
among the northern stars.
She was the fairy goddess,
that much I knew.
Next, I found myself,
in a beautiful, enchanted forest.

I looked all about,
but nothing stirred;
not a twig, not a leaf,
not a blade of grass moved;
And there she stood,
in the middle of the clearing,

so close that I could
almost touch her!
Her hair flew around,
as gold as the sun's rays,
lighting the dark woods as if it were mid day.
The gown she wore was long and gold,
with fringe of lace shades aglow.
A finely-chiseled face she had,
with eyes that stole the sapphire's gleam;
And how they shined with their own inner light,
eyes softly decorated by fine crescent lines.
Her lips they were a perfect heart shape,
done in purple, the hue of grapes,
and her cheek's blush, a lively flame!
The wreath on her head was a floral garden.
Flowers of all colors appeared all around,
forming a circle around the fairy goddess,

who came from the stars above.
As she twirled her gown turned a brilliant blue;
Her tiny hands like butterflies, 
raised into the air, fluttering,
as she hummed a melody
like I have never heard,
nor have I since.
The melody drew out all
the dwellers of the forest.
Great and small they came,
the four footed, the winged,
and the finned ones, too, 
swimming to the shore
of the nearby stream.
All came to bathe in the beautiful light,
The light of the goddess from the stars

Her figure was divine.
Her smile was radiance, hope, love.
As I gazed upon her,
my heart merged with hers.
And her mind with mine.
For that time we were one another.
The forest denizens gathered
as we danced and whirled 'round,
feeling the warmth and excitement,
like floating on a golden cloud of silk.
It was only the forest creatures and I
present for that celebration.
I remember asking myself,
“Where are the two-legged ones?”
We were no longer in the forest.
We were among the stars.

We danced around the fairy goddess
who stood at the center.
We danced in spiraling circles about her.
When I awoke I was still looking up,
at the northern stars, in awe.
Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much dear friends and followers for reading my poem. If you have any questions or just wish to share your thoughts, you are most welcomed to do so.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ 

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