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Friday, 31 October 2014

Frizzy Lizzy's Halloween

Hi dear friends and followers. Today, Saturday is, Yes Its Frizzy Lizzy's Halloween time story. Hope you enjoy it.

Frizzy Lizzy moves slowly about the kitchen. The door opens and in walks her neighbor, all smiles and full of pep. Lizzy takes note of her cheerfulness with some disdain.

“My, but you're here early! What do you mean, it's quarter after two in the afternoon? I just got out of bed and I haven't even made the coffee yet! Yes, you're still welcome here, just help me get some coffee on, OK?”

“Where was I last night? Charley and I went to a Halloween party at the country club. Were we in costume? Is a bluebird blue? Sure, we were!

“If Charley had given me a few more days' notice I would have been able to dream up a great costume but I think I did well given the short time that I had to prepare. What did I go as? Well, I took out the best outfit that I used to wear to work and had it dry cleaned, wore it with a nice, white blouse; low, black heels, and a flag pin on the lapel. I carried a small brief case and scared the hell out of everyone. How did I do that? I told them that I was a tax collector!

“Charley? He went as a college professor. For him, all he had to do was to wear a suit and carry a book and no one recognized him!”

“We got there at about seven, well in-time for the cocktail hour. It didn't take very long for that bunch to get loose, let me tell you! Charley and his pals were three sheets to the wind before they served the soup for supper!

“We ate an hour later than we were supposed to because no one wanted to leave the bar! No, no one was wearing a lampshade on their head but one of the men got oiled-up enough to go hang by his heels in the coat room until he collected his bets that he could do it without getting sick. Typical man stuff, right?”

“So we got through supper without any major mishaps. Sure, there were some spilled drinks but nothing catastrophic. We finished eating and then the drinking began again in earnest.

“There was a five-piece band that played music for dancing and the longer we drank, the more of us danced, even Charley. He danced with Joanne before he asked me!

“As if that wasn't bad enough, some fool went into the janitor's closet instead of the men's room and he came out with a mop stick in his hand and wet pants! Well, anyway, he asked the band if they could play some music so we could do the limbo.”

“What? You don't remember the limbo? Oh, you know, it's that dance where you bend over backwards and go under a bar and the one who can go down lowest without falling down on the floor wins the adulation of all lesser mortals!

So I know my limits and there is no way in hell that I am going to bend over backwards in a business outfit, with nylons on, just to get a round of applause and I tell Charley that he's on his own.”

“Now with Charley, when the liquor's in, the common sense is out. He waited for his turn in the line, took off his shoes, and started to move with the music. As he was bending over backwards we heard a snap! It sure wasn't his fingers making that noise! Charley hit the floor, howling like a banshee!

Well, let me tell you, the party carried on. All they did was to call the paramedics because Charley couldn't move without screaming in pain. And they moved the limbo bar about 10 feet to the left so the paramedics could get to Charley.”

“They came and put him on a backboard and hauled him off to the hospital. Not only did he not win the contest, he didn't even get honorable mention for his efforts, but his costume came in as the most original of the night.

Where is he? Last I looked he was in the hospital and as far as I'm concerned Joanne can go visit him first!

I hope that you had a happy Halloween!”

Composed by Cynthia

Thank you again for dropping in to visit with Frizzy Lizzy. I hope you have enjoyed. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on this topic. Thank you and have a wonderful week.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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