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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Have You Got The Time

Hi dear friends and followers. Today is poem day and I invite you to take a few minutes of your time to relax and read. 
Just my own observations on the power of light and darkness and what intervenes between, Love   

Have You Got The Time

The values of the material world

do not restrain the values of the soul.

Only that of the body is measured and weighed.

The light of the soul cannot be contained,

no more than love can be touched or packaged.

The soul measures only with the values

that are contained solely in the heart.

Love is the only measuring stick

that can measure the depth of the soul, the light.

The candle sends the darkness scurrying

to the corners of the container, the body.

The soul, most only think about occasionally;

you have been interested but never enough,

for you felt safe hiding in your shadow.

Ignorance is bliss, as some may say.

When the truth is that in order to know the light,

In truth, you must also know the darkness,

before you can want or know the light.

Then shall the light reveal what lies ahead.

Night birds may think daybreak a kind of darkness,

because that is the cycle that is normal to them.

The heart is the candle in the spirit's darkness;

its brightness is dependent on its depth.

The motion of darkness and light

is in constant battle for position;

the life and death cycle, even the stars and galaxies

are born and die.

The constant dance of death and life,

is like ballerinas dancing in the heavens above.

Clouds of darkness, clouds of light,

in an infinite battle for supremacy

which can be called evil and good,

when both forces are fighting for dominance.

Some for survival, for even the very elements,

of nature and universe both from dust they came,

to dust it shall all return.

Such are the cycles of death and rebirth,

universe without end.

The time the Lord then appears,
and there was silence for a long time.
Then suddenly with the clamor,

like that of broadswords clashing,

thunderbolts and lightening flashed!

Their swords ringing on their shields,
the voices of the great thunder gods rose,

violent chaos of brightness and darkness,

flaming in every color imaginable;

great flashes of light everywhere,

as great masses of darkness move.

Consuming the light, chaos there is,

but also there is order in the chaos,

despite the hunger of one force

to consume the opposing force.

So it is, and it will be

the Lord of Time who will give them a gift;

that gift is love, a thing more real,
a thing so lasting,

that not even the time lord will outlast it!

No power in the universe,

not supernova or black hole,

can alter this force,

for it was made to endure

until even to the end of the lord of time.

On a world far away the time had come;

the dull grayness of eternal mists

began to lift as the three moons of Darco,

arose one by one, each in their unique

and spectacular colors, rainbow moons,

Seen for the first in their splendor

from the base of the giant trees

of a prehistoric rain forest.

One might say life began here,

Composed by Cynthia

I'm glad to see you here! 
Thank you for reading the poem I would appreciate knowing what your thought are on this weeks poem. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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