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Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Calm After the Storm

Hi dear friends and followers, thank you very much for making it here today. Today is Sunday and that means it's poetry day.
I would like to invite you take few minutes to relax and enjoy reading 

The Calm After the Storm

Great flashes of lightning interlacing

with dark, roiling, churning clouds;

mushrooming deep into the heavens,

Like a giant beast eating the starlit sky!

Another blinding flash was followed

by a huge, earth-shaking rumble.

It seemed as though earth and sky,

and the very stars themselves

were in the act of waging war!

Explosions of light rent the very air

Through which they traveled so sharp and swift.

Then came immense flame, shaped like a great bird;

Red and orange fire floated up,

then swallowed all, into the heavy, churning

dust-laden clouds above.

More blinding light issued forth from above;

A mountain shifted as its boulders danced around.

A stream of majestic, multifarious colors of light,

illuminated the dingy, dark, and grimy surface below.

Everywhere was chaos, light and darkness;

and from the stream of colored light

the darkness withdrew

and new life was born

from this light.

Like two hearts drawn together,

among the stars of the constellations they joined.

The power of light and darkness entwined as one;

and so it was also in the elements of the earth,

One heart of light and one heart of darkness.

All is in balance in darkness and light,

to dance upon the nebulae clouds,

shoot through the stars on a comets' tail,

make sparks, like jubilant children at play,

with their hopscotch and baseball bats!

In the stands do the the spectators watch;

they weave the fabric of a new reality,

upon which the essence of new life will arise.

Cosmic ashes to cosmic dust, and then the rebirth.

Sparks fly, hurricanes die, and all is calm

as the heart of light and the heart of darkness,

converge as one, one mind one heart.

The dust from the battle of rebirth settles,

and the stars in the heavens once again shine.

The moon arises on the eastern horizon,

shining down upon the Earth, with a silver glow;

ripples on the mirror-like water sparkle and dance

where new life has once again begun.

Two hearts are sewn,

mano y mano,

by the great constellation.

Eons have passed and the moon still rises.

By a trickling brook

sat two delicate and beautiful beings,glowing;

and lighting the grove of trees where they sat.

In such delight they were;

they sat on a rock embracing,

while their feet dangled idly

in the cool water of the gentle brook.

Under the moon's glow they sat,

connecting the dots

in the starry sky above,

in awe at it's grandeur,

its magnificence, and beauty.

They sat under the twinkling sparks of light,

that glittered as diamonds on a dark velvet veil.

Their eyes met that night,

atwinkle as the stars,

in the silence of the moonlight.

“Listen! Listen!” one of them said.

and from all around them could be heard,

a melodious sound, like the harp and the flute.

It was the Earth Spirit, singing her love song.

A love song it was, for all of her children,

of every species who nourished from her.

In a distant past this melody was called

the great whisper of the all of the gods.

What is this life force, so delicate and gentle,

whose ethereal essence is made of pure love,

and is able to defeat the darkness,

just by illuminating it from the inside?

The darkness lies in the mind, not the heart.

But when the heart and mind join,

the darkness fades,

like the early morning ground mist at dawn.

Gaze upon infinity, creator and created!

Beneath the peaceful splendor of the stars,

the tiny beings spread

their sparkling gossamer wings.

And off they go, dancing playfully

over the water of the pond.

The evening star arises, "the Star of Love,"

its glitter dust falls upon the Earth.
Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you for dropping in to read my poem, hope you have enjoyed. I would appreciate knowing what your thought. Thank you and have a wonderful week.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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