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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Universal Harmony?

Hi again dear friends and followers. I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. Wednesday is poem day, and I am pleased to say that I have one to present to you today, Universal Harmony.
Take five, relax and enjoy 

Universal Harmony?

There is a place, far, far away,
even farther than the farthest planet from Sol.
There, in another galaxy, far across space and time,

a world where the light of its bright magenta skies,

and its bright golden sun has not reached us yet.
A venture into our stargazed universe unfolds,
as we fly as ghosts through the void.
The worlds before us that unfold are
created as they are being dreamed;
Every soul creating its own galaxies,
where many creatures therein dwell,
beasts yet to know that they exist,
in the manifestation of any soul's dreams.

Some creations are so beautiful that
one falls to their knees to reverence!

No word is exchanged, only thoughts from feelings,

from minds and hearts to unbounded Universe!
A plethora, no a myriad, variety of beasts reside here.

They are straight out

of the Earth's mythologies.

Yes, even those called dragons are present,
as much in evidence as fairies and elves,

elementals and mermaids; they are all here;
and dragons so rare they are more precious than gold.

It's a mystical journey into the magical domains,
for in this realm all that can potentially be, is.
It is in the realm of both creator and creation.
In the awareness of the realities,
there is no distinction between the two.
When we dream, and when we write,
when we daydream or read a book,
images real and fanciful course through our minds.

From these fables our own imaginations grow,
and a new world in the heavens is born.
Like the single spark that becomes a flame,

or a new star in an immense nebula - 
a nebula of chaos it is not,
for there is order in the chaos -
A chaos of other potentials to be born.
There! Over there floats an emerald green sphere,

warmed by the light of a ocher colored star!

Of Dragon Tales...real they are, chaos they are not.
Such are the beings that were only the guesses 
of writers and artists, in fantasy and legend;
beings romantic under a lavender moon,
followed by a golden moon on the horizon.
Beautiful beings, they were, glowing of their own light,
their long, dragonfly wings sparkling in the moonlight.

A dragon flying lazily above all it sees;
guardians they are, of the world below,
which faintly glows in all its worldly elements.
All is in balance; all is in harmony; all is well,
in this place of beauty, safety, and love,
Never to be to be touched by the forces of darkness.

Dragons of darkness await their time,
to upset the order of safety and love.
The dragons of darkness must never be allowed
to enter this world so close to perfect as it is.
So they will, from across the galaxy, come;

the dragons of light are prepared to do battle.
The other creatures of the forest rest,
unaware of any approaching danger.
The beings with the dragonfly wings
sit by the lake in the moonlight,
in a world in peril, a world at the mercy
of the dark dragons and the chaos they bring.
Never have they known before,
a world without love, and safety, and peace.
The dragons of light know no way to warn
those who know not fear and danger and harm.
Ancient battles were never told to the innocent.
These battles began in the deepest reaches the universe.
A star becomes a nova, creating,
an emended nebula cloud of dust and gas.
The dragons of light pursue their deadly chase.
In a nebula they met, and lightning flashes,
as the dragons of light and darkness clash.

A brilliance lit the sky above the emerald green planet
with all the brightness of a second sun.
The writer's pen flows, and another world is born.
Once conceived, once believed,
Yesterday's dream is now today's reality.
From cosmic dust to cosmic systems,
The cosmic dust is the paper the pen flows over.
Composed by Cynthia ©.

Thank you for reading this poem, I would appreciate knowing what your thought are on this weeks poem of the week. Thank you and have a wonderful week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ 

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