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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Frizzy Lizzys Veterans' Day

Hi dear friends and followers. Today is Saturday which means it is Frizzy Lizzy day. So take five, relax , and enjoy.

"Hello there! Yoo-hoo! I'm in here! Get a coffee and come downstairs while I'm working. What am I doing? It's a lost art called sewing and I'm using it on a Coast Guard uniform for Charley."

"No, he didn't join! And no, he didn't get called back to service because of the mess in Iraq. Or the mess in Afghanistan. No, he didn't volunteer to help with the Ebola virus. He will be in the Veterans' Day ceremonies at the memorial in the park and he needs to be in uniform.

"There are times when I could just kick his butt because he seems like he wants to be a teenager again but this is not one of those times. He doesn't want to play sailor. He wants to honor the women and men who served the nation, whether they are living or not."

"He didn't just get this idea in his head last night. This time he planned it over a few months. What do you mean, 'How can you plan for something like that?' With Charley there's no limit to what that man can concoct. When he puts his mind to something, he can get it done."

"He gets into a lot of stuff but it's not always something worthwhile; like the time he bought that old roll-top desk at the auction. He told me that he was going to strip-off all of the old varnish and refinish it. He got as far as washing it and sanding the flat parts and now it sits in the garage with a tarpaulin over it.

And then there was the time that he bought that 1965 Dodge. I told him to wash it, wax it, and resell it, but no, not Charley. He was so sure that he was going to restore it. I told him that he had enough work keeping his house and his garden tractor in-order but I guess that he had to have a project because he was 'middle-age crazy.' The car got sold for what he paid for it - and that was three years later, and only because he needed the garage space!"

"The next time that he gets middle-age crazy, I hope that he gets into gourmet cooking, or being a pastry chef!"

No, he planned his being in the Veterans' Day program very well. He still had his uniform from when he was a much younger Charley. How old? He was 23 years old when he got out of the Coast Guard, and that was a few thousand beers and burgers ago! He knew that he would never get so much as an arm into the top again, so what did he do?

"He went on the Internet and found a complete used uniform in a size that he thought would fit him. I have to give him credit for that. They were a little bigger than what he needed, but that's no real problem. The uniform's a little baggy and so is he. We finished the fitting and now I'm sewing his stripes and badges from his old uniform onto his new one.

"What did he do in the Coast Guard? He told me that he was a boatswain's mate, a deck sailor petty officer. He was on the crew of a small patrol boat in New Orleans. He chipped paint on a large ship, and he served on a buoy tender in Washington state."

"What do you mean, 'Did he ever get shot at?' Not everyone who serves gets shot at. The guys I met who were in combat don't look down their noses at the guys who were not. Everyone who wore the uniform of the nation served, regardless of where they did their service. There is a respect given to combat veterans but they almost never demand it. They don't make a big show of it.

I'm anxious to see Charley in his uniform. Petty officer Charley, reporting for duty one more time. Both of us are members of the Legion and I'm really happy to help him to do it."

"So on Tuesday, the 11th day of the 11th month, at 11:11 in the morning, stop whatever you're doing for a minute and think about all of the women and men who served the nation in its military branches. Think of the ones who came back and the ones who didn't - and the ones who still serve, and the sacrifices they made and continue to make to keep us safe.

OK, time for a chocolate chip cookie break! Let's head for the kitchen. And I have some great Irish cream to go with the coffee!"

Have a thoughtful Veterans' Day/Remembrance Day!

Composed by Cynthia

Thank you again for dropping by to visit with Frizzy Lizzy I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on Frizzy Lizzy.  Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

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