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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Pandora's Enchantment Part 2

Hi dear friends and followers, thank you for dropping by, Today is Wednesday, poem day. I wish to present to you another Poem titled, Pandora's Enchantment. So take five and relax and have a read. Enjoy

Pandora's Enchantment Part 2
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A soft, green light drifted through the woods;

it illumined the grove

where the prince had slept.

A delicate hand brushed his sleeping cheek.

He awoke with a start and took to arms,

eyes open, feet solid, ready, he was,

for whatever it was that he saw as a threat.

But he was not ready for this adversary!

Before him stood, or rather, hovered in air,

three small beings, in a green glow bathed.

As their radiance faded,

they descended, softly,

to stand on the ground

before the dumbstruck prince.

Through his befogged mind

he heard them speak thus:

"We are emissaries of Queen Vare.

Our Queen has sent us

to intervene.

Please move quickly, your Highness!

The air here is charged

with the energy of

someone's dark and evil magic."

"If you will, your Highness,

please follow us."

The beings descended and walked before him

shaped as three swordsmen,

complete in all ways.

'twas only by stature

that they were enchanted.

To the prince's knee

their full height was!

Yea, small, but with swords

as lethal as any man has felt.

Swiftly they moved, and with agility,

in places where none save rabbits could go.

The passage was harder

for the much taller prince,

who, hacking his way where the others ran,

continued forward, sword in hand.

They fought with the woods

for an interminable time.

Until before them they saw

a lush, verdant valley;

the prince was in awe!.

Gentle slopes, laden

with blossoms so fair,

some with colors and aromas

he had ever experienced before.

The blooms bobbed lightly

in the warm, fair breeze,

their aroma filling the air,

transforming its very essence

into a sweetness such that

he felt he could drift away,

and stay in the ecstasy

of the pure divinity

of this strange land.

Suddenly, a shift in the wind

caught the three swordsmen

and the noble prince as well;

in a cloud of vapor it swallowed them up!

They rose in a spiral, and continued to rise

until all became still and the mist withdrew.

“This is not the green valley, the place so fair.

I have traveled to a place but I know not where!”

The prince and his companions

were afraid to move

as around them a heavy mist stood.

All around them was foliage,

lush, verdant, and green,

but not like the blossoms

they had earlier seen.

“Where on Earth can I be?,”

the Prince asked himself.

Intrepid, but prudent,

he waited in stealth

to see this place

upon which he had landed

and what sort of person

its people commanded.

The mist slowly parted;

he saw land's ragged edge.

As the mist drew back further,

the ocean beckoned to him.

It was there with whitecaps

and waves a-plenty,

but far below him!

Not just below,

as in a mountain or cliff,

but further below

than the eagles fly!

“I am having a dream,

or my mind is ill!” thought the Prince

as his visage fell.

Away from the land's end

the prince did fly.

He was on an island in the sky!

For a distance he walked

towards the island's center (he hoped!)

and saw a building of stone

with golden spires.

Solid and gleaming

it sat like a jewel.

The Prince prayed that its keeper

would bid him well.

To its massive doors he walked

and was received without their fear.

He was alien in their land,

just one against their many.

Inside the fortress-like structure,

he was guided to a room,

large and lighted softly,

not by candle or torch,

but with a soft light that seemed

to emit from its walls.

So strange was this place

he thought, “Magic, of course!”

He was led to a chair

and motioned to sit.

Upon taking his seat,

his swordsmen left him,

floating in the air,

just as they had come.

It felt like eternity

but they returned to the Prince

with a woman'like being,

clad in fine purple

and linen and gold.

Her face was thin, with almond eyes;

vibrant green, they were; they betrayed her not.

She floated to the room in a throne-like chair

with smaller beings, each a their own vibrant color,

servants hovering to her right and left.

A sweet sound, like that of songbirds, filled the air. 

“If there is a paradise, this must be it,”

the Prince thought.

He pinched himself to ascertain its reality,

the reality that he would sit afore,

the ancient, legendary Queen Vare,

Queen of the land of Nepenthe!

His mind had no image that 

this was where

the Wizard of Deluca's directions

had been for him to follow,

He had not truly believed

in the wizard's disclosure,

that such a place truly existed.

The Queen spoke,

and the room lit up

in soft, fluidic light;

colors flashing on the walls all around,

like to sunbeams reflected on the surface of a pond!

Birds sang their strange, enchanting melodies!

More smaller beings floated into the room,

from other places within the sky palace!

She tapped her staff once and all fell silent.

“Come forward, young prince.

I have been waiting for you.”

He stammered and said,

“Yes, and I have arrived, your honor;”

then clearly intoned, “I am at your service!”

He knelt on one knee and bowed his head.

“My dear boy, if you wish to go back to your Kingdom,

it will not be without risk.

However, you have another choice:

you may live here, but never must you stray

for if you do, the curse will return.

Not just upon you,

but on your kingdome as well.”

“Here, I have an amulet which contains inside

the power to overcome Pandora and her pride.

But you must never look into her eyes.

Make that mistake and you shall pay

for eternity in Hades as her slave.

This will also free her from her childhood curse,”

The Queen stretched her long, slim arm

and placed the amulet gently into

the Prince's right hand.

Though the Queen had

some insect-like features,

her beauty, like her dominion,

was singular, unto herself.

Composed by Cynthia©

End of part 2, Part 3 will be announced in advance. 
Thank you again for dropping by and taking a few minutes to read my poem. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it, thank you and have a wonderful Wednesday.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ 

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