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Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Miracles

Hi dear friends and followers. today I have two short and beautiful Christmas myracle stories. Christmas Miracles. Thank you for being here, have a great read.

Christmas Miracles

Every time someone finds a lost puppy or snags a local lottery win in December, the media breathlessly describes it as a “real-life Christmas miracle.” In other words, stuff that happens every day of the year suddenly becomes news just because it happens near the holidays. So you can forgive us for feeling a wee bit skeptical about such things, especially since an actual miracle requires suspension of the laws of chance or physics.

But then there are the stories that are harder to dismiss. Stories where something so unlikely, unexpected or just plain heart-warming happened that our inner Grinch simply melts away. Here are some Christmas miracles that prove prayers sometimes do get answered:

Santa Answeres aPpoor Girl's Letter

At the age of five, most of us probably understood family finances just enough to throw a tantrum if we didn’t get the presents we really wanted. That’s because most five-year-olds are both kinda stupid and kinda prone to acting entitled. But not Helen Berence Reyes Cardenas. When her mother told her they were going to have a frugal Christmas, she simply wrote out a letter asking Santa for a doll and some shoes, and sent the letter to the North Pole via balloon. Since a balloon isn’t the most precise method of delivering mail, the letter inevitably got knocked off course and ended up landing in California – about as far from Santa’s Workshop as you can get.

Now here comes the good bit: A woman named Julie Sanders found the letter and realized it came from a dirt-poor girl in need of some Christmas cheer. So, armed only with a scrap of paper that had flown across the whole of America, she tracked down little Helen and made sure she had a nice big bundle of presents to open come Christmas Day. In short: Julie Sanders is a woman who can literally claim to have saved Christmas.

The Internet Saves a Family's Home

There are a couple of sure-fire ways of proving to the world that you don’t have a soul, one of which is to foreclose on a family’s home at Christmas. In 2008, some Grinch did exactly that to the Sampson family, probably while simultaneously kicking puppies and laughing at orphans. See, the Sampsons weren’t exactly living the high life: Dad was sick, Mom was pregnant, both were out of work, and their kids were now looking at a Christmas spent in a succession of shelters. Tired, stressed-out and miserable, the Sampsons did what any of us would do, and unburdened their worries to a friend.

In return, the friend posted their story up to her blog, perhaps hoping to spread the misery. And then an amazing thing happened. Strangers began commenting on the story and asking if they could make donations. So the friend opened a Paypal account. Then more people commented. And more, and more. Suddenly, donations were flooding in. Within five days, this one blog post had raised $11,032 – enough to save the Sampson home. In a burst of seasonal goodwill, the Internet spat in the face of holiday-hating mortgage brokers everywhere, and saved a family from the streets. And in a world characterized by hatred as much as the Internet, that’s gotta count as a miracle.

I hope that you have enjoyed these poems and short stories. My Merry Christmas to you. Thank you again for reading, and do share your thoughts with us. have a great Tuesday

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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