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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Good by old year

Hi dear friends and followers. A short New Year poem composed by me about the joy of seeing the new year. Take five and enjoy the read
Good-by old year

Good bye, Old Year! And take with you

all of the hardships of all the years past.

Herald in the good, the nice, and the kind

for there is a new, unused year ahead.

Thank you, old year,

for all the lessons you have taught.

What I have learned I have used

like a violin's fine tuning,

a refinement of the soul.

Each lesson is for me reflect on and cherish,

for it is part of the evolution of the soul.

I appreciate more the gift of freedom,

which should be enjoyed in every land.

Have I done my part in this year past

to help those who came to me in need?

Whether they be homeless

or just needing to wipe a tear of sadness away

and replace it with a beaming smile,

I have not turned anyone away - especially me.

I am thankful to be in a land where there are those

who care for their fellow man.

All that you have taught to hearts

you have given with a bounteous hand,

My steps linger at the threshold of the New Year.

It is time for an inventory, on paper or in your mind,

whichever way that you prefer.

Is but uncertainty of the unknown ahead of me

that makes me hesitate taking that next step.

This step into the unknown

is the most important one you will be making,

Carrying within your heart into the New Year

the good that still exists in the world.

Where love and caring is still alive and well.

A lingering step forsake.

Good bye, Old Year! I must leave the hand of the past,

which rules in her power alone,

in the kingdom of Oblivion.

In silence she sits, upon a throne of crimson;

A falling mist is in the musty air 

to veil her coal dark eyes' turned to sapphire.

Gloriously, they shine!

Eyes that can divine between good and evil,

She holding truth divine.

Silence falls all around,

unless it be a fitful sound,

as though from the depth

of a pit of darkness.

From her lips are uttered these words:

"Follow the wisdom of your heart,

and you will never be lost

to the wilderness of your mind."

Take from her lips the guidance of the ancient,

the years that around her be.

Dance and sing like the Dervish!

Celebrate and embrace the coming New Year,

with resolve, fortitude, and confidence

in your ability and desire

to make this a better world,

to live and participate in this year.

Give of your heart,

as well as from the wallet.

The lady clad in sapphire blue

is called by some the Sacred Mother.

The very winds of the Heavens are here

for those who wish to hear them speak!

Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you again for dropping by to read this poem dear friends. Please share your thoughts with us. have a great
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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