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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Fairy Song

A Fairy Song

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I have for you one of my poems that I am hoping you can find five minutes to read, run the video while reading. Thank you

Over the forest, beyond the horizon;

Over the rivers, through the valleys; 

Over park, in the darkness of night;

They fly over cities and wide open spaces!

Look mom, look! What are those tiny lights,

over there in the dark of this night's sky?

There flew four, no five, tiny points of light,

glowing and filled with the colors of the rainbow.

Through storm and through flood 

and fire in the fields below,

they fly and wander everywhere. 

Swifter than the clouds

that pass by the moon's sphere,

they twinkle and they dash to and fro!

But all come to a standstill,

at a brilliant light perched upon a stone,

in the center of the placid pond.

All of the forest's denizens are there,

They come, invited by the Fairy Queen.

As I join the proceedings at the edge of the pond,

Orbs of every size and color surround the Queen,

Followed by a precession of the sparkly beings;

tiny little specks of flickering light 

in their gold coats and sparkly attire.

The wee folks of light dance in unison

to the musical light of the Queen; 

The sparkle of rubies and diamonds ,

would fail to match the brightness all about.

Fairy favor I must seek with dewdrops,

and hang them from every bloom. 

Above the forest the sky was lit 

with the glow of Mardi Gras on a summer's night.

Then all grew quiet as the bright light faded,

and vanished from my sight.

I walked home from the pond with a glow of my own

but feeling rather crestfallen,

to see the night's dancing end.

Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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