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Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Star Folks

The Star Folks

Hi dear friends and followers, I would like you to join me today on a discovery of magic of love and romance
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Two beams of crystal light come to Earth from the heavens,

spiraling and intertwining, like two lovers in a celestial dance.

Two hearts joined by the constellation, of the myriad of stars above;

with the silver cast by the moon do they glow!

They illuminate the meadow with a light all their own.

Two lovers, not far away, watch in fascination.

Never have they witnessed such a magnificent display,

of such dazzling, dancing, living light.

As they sat and gazed, the twinkling diamond dust fell
upon them so gently; it gave them a tingle!

Their eyes found the stars in each other's eyes that night,

and the air around them filled with tiny twinkling stars!

A voice, one not heard, but felt in their hearts,

spoke like a poem to each of theirs, paired:

“Listen,” the gods and goddesses whispered!

“What is love? Do you truly know it's depth?”

“The stars twinkle indifferently

until a sincere heart speaks to them.

Then gently we will come forth,

if you are true of heart in your wish.”

“When love is pure and true, there is no status;

all are equal when the request comes sincerely

from the joined hearts of those in love.”

“Rich or poor does not matter when in love.

The light embraces this auspicious moment.”

“We will also come to the call of the heart

laden with the sadness and despair

of a love that has failed;

but two souls meant to be

will share eternity in celestial bliss

in a world owned by the stars.”

an unfortunate turn of events can collapse

the stars that are there on your horizon.

During times that the stars are hidden in darkness,

as they are hidden in clouds of despair.

These are times of trial to test our strengths

and probe our weaknesses,

only to reveal once again how beautiful

the stars are when the darkness subsides,
and once again they are revealed to us.

Ever so wealthy, around Orion's Belt

just as they now dance, spiral and pirouette

in the meadow before us.

Taking notes on every rhyme, every heartbeat.

In a flash, just as quickly as they appeared,

they spiral upwards sparkling brightly once more,

into the heavens to rejoin their kin.
Stars may fall every evening you look for them.

You see their flash when they are entering the atmosphere,

seeping through the soul, making love a part of light.

“Illusion of permanence,” you might say?

I have seen them often

on a dark starlight night.

They come to share love and harmony

among lovers and the romantic alike,

like fireflies flaring up as they dance

through the darkness of night;

like tiny stars blinking in the night air.

Composed by Cynthia©

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