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Monday, 10 June 2013

How Fertile is Your Mind?

It is said that we only use 10% of the brain and 90% lays fallow or dormant. As long as most of the activity is 10% is not physically impaired in anyway we have full consciousness of the world around us. But if this were so, would this not also put restrictions on potential capacity of the "minds" ability to become conscious of other realities?

Realities that vibrate on frequencies beyond what we can perceive with the five senses. The brain is animate and can only know and be aware of the physical construct of the environment it is imbued in. But the mind goes beyond the restriction of the physical brain as the innerlight or essence of the container it is contained in.

Some call this living essence the soul. I can only conjecture that all there is in the total consciousness of such an immensity as universe is in itself created from thought or soul energy. If this is so then this puts no restrictions as to how many infinities we can conceive.

I truly don't believe that the other 90% of the brain is actually dormant, but quite active, making up the subconscious thoughts that have been stored there since the beginning of humanity through the DNA memory. Junk DNA and Junk brain cells? I doubt that the universal thought or soul made anything that is junk. If we were to get access to the other 90% of the brain, I do believe that nothing would be beyond our comprehension. As written in the Book of Genesis,  where my people are united, nothing shall be beyond them.

Here is another puzzle for anyone that has a wonderfully wild and fertile imagination.

Now for one, about 80% of science is investigative work, did you know that? "Like wow!!!" Ya, like in detective or private eye type work. Much of what is involved in scientists research cannot be touched, seen, or conceived with the five senses. Then how can we know what is in the unseen or undetectable you may ask? Well most of science is theoretical very little is a proven fact, but they can come up with a well reasoned feasible possibility that only needs this little piece to finish putting the puzzle together. As our technology advances some of the pieces become more evident, but for every piece we discover we come to find that there ever more tinier pieces yet to be discovered .

Do these illusive links or pieces ever makes it to the researchers microscope? "Na!" Most likely the calculus for finding these pieces end up in the bottom of someone’s bird cage instead of the lab, sometimes deliberately and at times quite possibly for the best, perhaps the timing would be wrong and could create more harm then good.

So a lot of science is by comparing the behavior of one body of energy against another and by measuring those oscillations they can calculate a fairly accurate but not necessarily hard fact 100% proovable. This method is called ***inference*** Inference appears to be the magic word in the many fields of scientific research these days. 

Why not use this same measuring method used by the researchers and go out and do our own investigative work into the metaphysical and quantum physics which is already a fast growing method of measuring the continuum within atomic particles, worlds within worlds on a micro level. Quantum physics, is already a fast growing scientific way of researching the many levels quanta levels of physics. Numbers, oh yes numbers coming out of your bazooka if you like numbers, add-infinitum. But when it comes to trying to calculate universal distance or even the micro universe they run into a snag. All equations end with the infinity sign

Do we not qualify as investigators? Heck we been space cadets most of our lives anyways and I think I know planet Mars better then my own backyard.:o)
Imagination is allowed without giving up any thing you believe in, maybe just modify our thoughts some in order for the next person to understand.


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  1. A tad beyond mental gymnastics, I'd say.

  2. If we were to live forever I believe we would find that Imagination or thought are also infinite.