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Sunday, 29 September 2013

In loving Light Believe

"BELIEVE," Pray, a way will manifest itself although it may not be exactly the results you were seeking. Often times in my life I encountered detours in my journey that took me to a different destination in life then I had planed or anticipated.

If I have faith in, and follow my own inner guide, the right  tools to do the work to get to that destination will present themselves. The end result is rarely what I had  planed, or expect, but I will be where I am meant to be to do what I need to do. If I but quiet the mind chatter and  listen to, and follow my inner guide.

Following what my heart speaks to me, and I will  achieve what is necessary to continue on my life’s journey. I have been guided and I am where I am supposed to be. I am not saying that I have never been led astray by the chattering mind but the inner voice was always there to guide me back when I was ready to listen

I must be honest and say that  many times in my life I have been lost not only in my own minds chatter but also have been led astray by other peoples chatter, telling me what was right and what was wrong and how to do this and how to do that. Most were well intentioned of course, but some not so well intentioned, I call them lost souls.

But if the advice is given me by another out of love, even if I knew they were wrong. This I accepted as a good indication that they cared and loved me. That was what made some people in my life so very special and precious for the time that we were together, it goes so fast, cherish it while you have it. But In the end it was only I that could make that final decision

Good friends, loved ones support love and care for each other and enlighten others around them just as they did when you needed them, and if they are true to you they will be there for you regardless weather you followed their advice or not 

I am only human there were many times where I lost faith and fell by the wayside but when I turned to  prayer and meditation my faith returned I believe sincerely in  that faith along will not do it if not accompanied by prayer and meditation from within my heart, then that  prayer will not go unheard. A way has always be revealed to me.. Believe in your heart you can do it, and so shall it be.

I petition to Great Spirit to help me see the path, and the path will be lit for as long as I believe within my heart that it  will .

Praying is like making a telephone call, you talk or express to the person on the other end your thoughts then you listen for the response, this is the meditation part. Listen with your heart or  your inner  intuition and believe with unwavering faith

It works, I know, the light beings (or angels) are never very far away they give you what you need to do what is right.


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