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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How Do You Like Me Now?

So. Starseeds are from the stars. I can agree with that. Everyone wants to save the planet. I can only agree to that to a point now. But so far it isn't going so well, now is it?

Ohhhh! Wait, wait, it's Love and Light! That will save the planet! ... No... it won't. As I have said before and I will say it again, Love and Light is not the answer to all. Everyone wants to feel love, everyone wants to think they're 'good'.

I like to think of myself as good. Really. I am not evil, that's for damned sure, but apparently I am not 'with it' when it comes to Love and Light and you know what. That gives me a more open mind. Yes, that's true, because as I have written in some of my profiles, “there's more going on than a planet in despair because of greed.”

We talk about the common races... Annunaki, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedians, Reptilians, Greys, Arcturians, Bellatrecians, Centaurians, Fomalhautans, Mintacans, Pegasians, Procyonans, Tau Cetians, etc, etc...

What I want to know is how does one know that they haven't been brainwashed? What if there's forces at work brainwashing through mediums like subliminal messaging like those who think they're here for the better good when in fact it's a really interesting ploy to do otherwise? Seriously... do you give it any thought?

Apparently the Reptilians are the bad guys. Alright, whatever. The Democrats don’t seem to be fairing much better either and the lizard people and greys are apparently no doing much better for the human race either.

There are two sides to every story and it seems apparent that people here only wanna hear the 'good' side. They don't want to hear what is obviously the negative side of things either... why the hell not? Why not be knowledgeable in both sides  and come up with  alternative ideas on how to run things? Why not sit back and take in both 'good' and 'bad' instead only one?

Do you honestly think that shunning negativity is gonna make it go away? It will not. So why not learn what you can, what you might be facing and dealing with it?

Here's a hypothetical question: Do you honestly think that right now if there was an alien invasion of 'bad guys', that if you preach love and light to them they are gonna go away?

...No, they won't. They don't care what you're saying and preaching or thinking, they'll shoot you where you stand and move on because they can and they don't care about you they only care about their self interest.


I learned about the dark and the light through my own experiences. I do agree that one has to know the dark in order to appreciate and know the light, and the light can also be described as being aware or conscious of the darkness helps you become more familiar with the dark’s working parts. The best I can do is to understand anther's darkness through my own experience and in understanding I am also touching them with my own experience on how I came to know my own truth about my awareness of the light within.

I don't bow or kneel to any gods, deities or aliens, but I do embrace the wisdom or light that comes from within myself, and that of others around me. Where ever the source of this wisdom or knowing within comes I do not question. Yes there is darkness that dwells within all of us as well as the light. This I believe  is called the duality of life, and we do have  free choice within us to make a choice as to which we want to follow, sometimes the hard way through trial and error. We comes to know the difference between one and the other then makes our choice accordingly.

For those who live only for self , they don't care and they probably never will. They only want what's in in it for them, who ever they are want. And they will let nothing stand in their way, "of course they'll shoot you if you resist." The only way to save a world, is not by fighting a war, It is much more successful working with one person at a time then grow out exponentially from that point.

For example, If everyone here who reads this blog was to go out and help one individual, you probably know someone in your neighborhood that could use some kind of support in one form or another. So if every one here really wanted the help, that would be 42 people in this membership helping one person each and those people who have been helped in turn did the same thing , well one needn’t do the math to see how that would go. Even if one was to just be kind, warm, loving and supportive toward one another, well ti certainly would be a start.

If there are aliens, and I do believe there is extraterrestrial life, they are in the form of a very advance species who  are more observers then participants in our games.


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