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Monday, 11 November 2013

I believe truth is like Love. It's meant to evolve. It grows as we share it with others. I believe our truth is "enlightened" when shared/compared with others "truths"....The more we expand our truth the closer to our divinity we Become.....Religion often tries to limit our understanding of truth. Telling us, what's true and what's not. That is not my way. I know what's true for myself, But my truth may not be another’s perception of their faith and truth. Truth is made up of many potential realities within the spiritual oneness of consciousness. I believe that this oneness of consciousness is not one that can be conceived or contained within the confines of any one finite mind. It is beyond the concept that is restricted to the confines of any one religious best Religions tend to segregate and separate the unity of one.

The Oneness, which is everyone of us are as one connected as part of the fabric that connects all in creation as one of which **we** are all part of. Each of us one single strand or thread that binds with all the other threads which makes up the fabric or the web of this reality we reside in, a universal web. Perhaps similar to  what religion refers to as the Holy Spirit. In the Quabalah they speak of this entity as the mother who brought all life to universe, The Sacred feminine, In the Bible they refer to her as Wisdom! God's right hand maiden. The age of Aquarius I believe mention the coming of this entity as well.

In my opinion, or theory, and not necessarily anyone else’s, is that we are all integrals of the Oneness within the web of creation... But then everyone has their own individual belief and theory as to the connection of all conscious sentient being in universe. The seed for all that was to be, that  is today and will ever be in the future originated from the first seed to come out of the big bang, or birth this physicality, “ genetics?

 Each of us have our very own conception of this physical  reality and only very few of us have any conception of the spiritual or of the extraterrestrial phenomena of this reality. Then who are we to say if each individuals concept others believe is true, or not. Or is this just jus by chance a mish mash of mashed potatoes? If that is so then there is no point in even looking for the butter because the mashed potatoes would be no more then a chaotic disorder.

But I would be more inclined to say that each individual’s perception is just as comparable to any of the others ... No two persons "truth" is completely the same...but collectively the picture becomes clearer and our soul minds are all connected as one on the spiritual or universal web.

Hopefully our consciousness grows and evolves more towards the totality of the true reality, thus our consciousness and enlightenment continues to grow

.It's an insecure ego who needs to be right, needs their truth to be the one and only....I believe that the oneness of consciousness *Great Spirit* or thought if we will, wants us to Become all of who we already are. We already exist in paradise we just need to open our eyes to truly see it, it’s inner essence not just  the surface appearance. I believe our truth expands and evolves whether we are intending it or no, unless one has already given up their own souls too their own personal  eternal darkness.

Written by Cynthia 2007©

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