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Thursday, 14 November 2013

In The Bright Sunlight

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I have a poem for you, Lady of the dragons. Please take five relax and enjoy the poem
WARNING If you rad this poem, the worst that can happen is you might come down with a case of cuteness 
In The Bright Sunlight

I sit in the shade of a giant redwood

shielding my eyes as I watched from a distance,

a shape of what appeared to me to be 

a mature and well-sculpted dragon's form

In the bright sunlight.

Its scales sparkled and glistened like jewels on marble,

gold and red and amber and green all upon the serpentine.

I was drawn to it by its strength and beauty

as it lay there basking in the midday warmth,

in the bright sunlight.

Its shading and beauty and shimmering colors

were a siren song for my enraptured eyes. 

Do I dare to come closer, I pondered, and then 

I thought about all that the elders had warned,

in the bright sunlight.

I decided not to heed what the elders had said,

and with caution and fear I approached the beast.

The dragon stirred and blinked its eye

but to my best guess it had not seen me

in the bright sunlight.

Sneak up on a dragon? Who, me?, I thought. 

I was ready to run at the least provocation.

Its eye blinked once more then looked straight at me.

Frozen with fright I stood as still as a rock,

in the bright sunlight.

The dragon stood, too, and spread

its great, leathery wings for me to see.

A few quick steps and an upward push later

and the dragon takes to the air,

in the bright sunlight.

As I watch I am filled with awe,

mouth agape, eyes wide with wonder. 

It flew a wide circle, then back it came, 

surely to eat me, Is what I thought,

in the bright sunlight.

The golden, red, and amber dragon 

touched down on the ground right before me.

It rested its head softly on the grass.

I knew not what its desire was,

in the bright sunlight.

As it did not appear to want to eat me,

I approached it slowly, with respect, not fear. 

It lifted its head and gave a snort, 

that nearly knocked me off my feet,

In the bright sunlight. 

Then, with its head rested on the ground,

it made a strange motion, a wiggle of sorts.

I could only guess that my hunch was right

but this dragon wanted me to share in its flight!

In the bright sunlight.

So up on its back I took my seat

and away we flew over the giant redwood trees, 

swooping over valleys and rivers,

just the dragon and I, and woe to those

who would do us harm

in the bright sunlight! 

Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
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