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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Welcome to Frizzy Lizzy's Place

Hi dear friends and followers well another week has gone by once again. Happy Saturday to everyone and please do take a minute, relax and enjoy my new instalment of our friend Frizzy Lizzy

"I don't know why the cable TV people aren't in jail for theft," grumbles Lizzy as she clicks the remote to shut off the TV. “The cable company says that they give you 150 channels to watch. What they don't tell you is that of that 150, 50 are in a language that you don't speak and the other 100 are just repeats of one another in standard and high definition, in three time zones. I don't need reruns of 'Who's the Boss,' 'The Golden Girls,' and 'Judge Judy.' I already know that I'm the boss around here, golden girl or not and I'm the best judge of that.”

Uncrossing her legs she sets her pink fuzzy slippered feet on the floor, muttering something about the movie “Planet of the Apes” not being very far from the truth. "If anyone doubts that monkeys could be the next in charge, well don't look now, I think it's already started." "Look at Congress. On second thought, don't look at Congress. At least monkeys have a purpose."

Lizzy toddles off towards the kitchen, reaches up to the radio on the shelf, tunes-in some music then turns, wiggling her backside to the beat of the music as she makes her way to the sink. Rattling a few dishes around she finds the cleanest cup, rinses it out and pours herself a coffee. She pulls the stool over and sets with her back toward the sink and slides her feet below the bottom rung.

"I thought I figured out why Election Day in America is in November. It's because that's the best time for picking out your turkey. But with the way things have been going over the past six years I'm not too sure about that any more. I mean, in what month are jackasses in season?”

"Politics! That's enough of that! It can drive you batty trying to figure out who the good guy is and who the bad guy is. After a few years in Washington they all begin to remind me of my first ex: Horny and after a fast buck.”

“Speaking of sex, I'm no different from anyone else, you know. I like sex. My idea of a sex life is pretty simple. All I want is a guy who will do what I want him to do, when I want him to do it, for as long as I want him it, and then just go away, sort of like a Dust Buster: plugged-in, charged-up and ready to go where I want him to."

“I'd better get moving. Get groceries, buy gas, go to the vet for the dog...or was that buy groceries and get gas and find a dog of a vet? Anyway, thank you for stopping-in. See you later!”

Thank you for dropping by, hope you enjoyed your stay, have a great day

With love from the Fairy Lady

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