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Thursday, 18 December 2014

A day's long afternoon.

Hi dear friends and followers. today I have another Christmas poem for you composed by me. A days long afternoon. Thank you for being here, have a great read.

A day's long afternoon.

I stood under the great oak 

that had gone to sleep for its winter's nap.
Across the snowy field I gased
into the movements of fires and spruce.
The breeze sought to play a game with my eyes
as is sent the snow's dusting a-swirl in the air,

as the sun shone so brilliantly
on the snow-covered ground.
There it was in the distance, a glitter, 
a sparkle not of winter's making.
Out of nowhere it approached me,
and from the glitter a being came!
She fluttered about me on dragonfly wings,

clad in moss, soft grass, and holly leaves.
"She's a bit underdressed," was my only thought
as she flew twice around my now-spinning head.
"Is your name Trident?" she asked, quite plainly,
in a tiny voice almost inaudible to me.
"A name from my childhood, it is!", I responded.
"But how did you know what others never knew?"
She replied, "I am Agathina from another world.
I've been sent to take you there, if you wish to go."
"If you will come with me, my dear lady,
your questions then and there will be answered."
This tiny being flew around me,
faster and faster, round and round,
until a whirlwind 'round me arose,

so strong it took my feet from the ground!
I felt myself moving through what felt like the air
without a jet or other aircraft.
My eyes were open but there was naught to see
as all whirled and swirled and blew past my face.
At last I was taken to another place in time, 
where love is divine, among a loving kind.
I spent many days of laughter and running,
singing and dancing in the magical forest;
exploring the explored to see once more
that which sparkled and gleamed 
in the warm, golden sunlight of mid-afternoon.

Through green meadows I rode on a dragonfly's back,
With my eyes closed tight. Afraid to fly?
As I opened my eyes a little at a time, 
a garden of beautiful flowers appeared;

Each flower more lovely than the one I just saw!.
On the dragonfly did I soar and swoop,
then we landed in a clearing between the gardens.
And there I saw the most beautiful creature
upon which my eyes have ever rested!
Handsome he was, and he stood so tall,
In a cloak of gold and silver was he;
his dragonfly wings were all a-flutter.
He stopped and folded them to his back,
then he walked towards me in a jaunty gait.
Stopping before me, he introduced himself
As the leader of Fontane.
His crown glowed brightly, as did the palms of his hands,
and he extended them out to me.

Placing his right hand on my chest he said,
"This charm I give you because I know it is
a perfect match for the heart that beats within."
That spot on my chest glowed a golden gleam.
As he removed his hand the glow subsided.
He stood and bowed with his hands clasped before him.
"For now, my lady, you must depart.
We will see one another again, someday."
Puzzled, I looked down at my chest.

He spoke before I could frame my thoughts.
"The charm I gave is not physical, my lady.
It lies in the heart so you can give more of yourself.
It is time for you to return home, my lady, the hours pass.
All is well. It will soon be Christmas Eve.
My escort brought me back to where I had left.
I thought I had been gone for days, maybe weeks
but in reality the time past was but four hours.
Mid-afternoon gave way to the evening's dark.
"Time for me to get home," I thought.

To this day I have never told a soul
about the most wondrous Christmas of my life
and how happy I have been since that bright, winter's day.
And the charm within has never failed
lest I stop believing.

Composed by Cynthia ©

I hope that you have enjoyed this poem. My Merry Christmas to you. Thank you again for reading, and do share your thoughts with us. have a great Friday

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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