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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Sabata sees the light. ~ Poem

Hi dear friend and followers. Today I have a poem for you, composed by me for you. Have a great read

Sabata sees the light.

The Underworld was shaken down to its core;
Its princess was missing and not to be found!
The unrest rattled all the dimensions
Until it came to the surface, to the World of Light.
Sabata lie sleeping in a thicket of the woods.
Dawn drew nigh and she was wise to hide.
All of that light meant instant blindness
for the eyes of the mole, such as were hers.
There was not a storm yet the sky flashed blue,
a ball of lightning, the people saw
as overhead it flew towards the Great Dark Forest. 
It came to land but a stone's throw away
from the thicket where Sabata was safely sleeping,
waiting out the day, not moving until nightfall.

The intense blue sphere alit without sound 

on the forest floor for but a moment or two.
Then it burst like a soap bubble leaving the forest
once again in its darkness, without a trace left behind - 
Save for a form in a dark cloak and wide-brimmed hat.
He was sent from the Light to restore the order,
the order that the Underworld was so sorely missing.
The dark form left the forest's edge,
and carefully walked down to the stream.
At the waters edge, it bent down on one knee,
then dipped the stream's content, a right hand full,
and drank heartily of its cold, clear water.
Refreshed, he stood tall and took account of his surroundings.again.
He thought of the daylight, soon to break, 
then got his bearings and turned to the east.
The grey streaks of dawn had turned a soft, rosy pink
as he turned from the stream to resume his mission.
It had been a ages since he had been called up here
and he did not much care for the beings of this world.
But duty had called upon him 
by the will of the wise ones from his world;
they were not to be denied, but to be served with honor,
always with dispatch and a willing spirit.
He raised his hands and waved them in a circle;
another sphere of brilliant energy appeared before him.
The sphere contorted and changed its shape
and the light energy swirled like smoke,
re-forming and taking on a solid physique.
From the swirling smoke a dragon appeared!

It flapped its great and leathery wings 
as though it had been in a cage or maybe a sphere;
then folded them and settled back to the ground
ready to do its partner's bidding.
The agent, Kazu, doffed his cloak and hat,
then climbed into the saddle on the dragon's back.
His brocaded clothing captured the day's first light
as he made ready to carry out his orders.
A being from the Underworld had escaped.
His orders were to locate and detain it.
Unseen he flew over forest and lake
but his senses told him he was on the wrong trail.
Turning his dragon-steed he flew back,
back in the direction from whence he had come.
He returned to the spot where his search had begun
to wait for nightfall - his senses told him!
He was sure that his quarry was close at hand
and all he needed was to patiently wait.
And there he sat, as still as a stone,
past the sunset and evening star.
Then something stirred in a forest thicket,
not a nocturnal from this world, he thought.
It strode across the forest floor, ever faster,
then taking flight, with wings beating the air all 'round;
stirring-up clouds of dust below.

Kazu laid on the ground next to his mount;
a faint glow of blue light surrounded them both,
faintly lighting the woods all about them.
The woodland creatures began their routine,
but did not disturb Kazu and his steed.
They went on their way, to resume their night chorus
as though they had seen nothing new.
Sabata saw the faint light below
and swooped down to investigate,
her wariness giving way to curiosity.
Kazu felt like one would, on a sunny day,
when the sun disappears behind overcast skies,
awakening with a start, looking for rain.
He sprang to his feet and in one rapid motion,
a sphere of blue light appeared in his hand,

he held it high for all to see.
Sabata screamed from the pain in her eyes!
The light from the sphere had rendered her blind
but she fought like an eagle to hold her place in the air!
A dark storm cloud appeared above Kazu;
He knew that the dark one had at last arrived.
Streaks of lightning struck the ground around him
as the earth shook and rumbled 
and gale strength winds blew
toppling trees all around him.
Kazu spread his hands and a large,

golden ring of bright light appeared,
and surrounded the storm cloud.
A terrifying screech rent the air,
as Sabata fell to the ground in a heap,
wings over her face to hide it from light.
Kazu drew closer, at the ready to strike
if the Underworld being threatened at all.
She moved not; she just lay there on the wet ground, weeping.
Kazu dimmed his auric energy and approached.
Warily and tentatively he touched the being
that lay in a heap at his feet on the ground.
Bending down on one knee he lifted the wing
which covered her face and he froze as he did.
For there he saw the most perfect of faces,

a face that glowed pale as the silver moon above.
The Underworld princess, from darkness was she;
yet the prettiest thing his eyes had ever seen.
Cradling her head in his right hand, 
he knew this was not an evil foe,
but a defenseless creature unable to see.
Kazu gently laid his hand over her eyes;
A pale blue energy shone all around his hand.
Folding her wings, she sat up and blinked.
She could now see, as her vision cleared.
She was able to see the one who sought her
with her own eyes, for the first time.
A beautiful, golden light-being was he!
Indeed a treat for her newly-healed eyes.
She lay her cheek on his chest,
as one might with a protector or love,
and gently brushed his right shoulder with her hand.
She thanked him for the return of of her seeing.
For a brief time he sat with her head cradled on his chest,
duty and emotion fighting for space in his heart.
All was silent save for the usual night sounds
and the babbling of the near-by brook.
Then heart trumped mind and duty was damned!
They arose and danced, both free in the air.

For them the entire night sky lit up
as though filed with brightly glowing rainbows.
And that is the night where light and dark found each other,
and for one stunning moment in time were joined as one.

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