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Monday, 29 June 2015

Magical Island

Magical Island

Hi dear friends and followers. Today I have a dream and fantasy poem for you, who's to say, maybe dreams and fantasies are more real than you think. Enjoy the poem, thank you 

When night falls and the moon rises,
and the stars brighten and twinkle
like tiny diamonds,
sparkling from horizon to horizon,
I lie on my bed,
comfy, cozy, and warm.
I stare out the window
as the lace curtains flutter
on the pleasant zephyrs of the night.
I lie on my side and relax my eyes;
they slowly close, I cannot fight.
I await my sleep, but not for long.
With my dreamer's eyes open I find myself drifting,
slowly sailing, as though on a cloud.
Happily I allow myself to go with the currents;
I do not know where, nor do I mind.
With joyful heat I float in this stream
as it takes me into another reality.
I have entered a land of dreamer's fantasies,
of places never seen before, to them I go.
My conscious mind feels fuzzy, gone numb;
I am no longer in the same reality
as I had been when I first laid in my bed.
What pleasures and delights these fantasies be!
I now have a power that only in dreams can be
as I discover that whatever I think,
what was but a fantasy or dream in my world,
is whatever reality I wish for in this one!
Such a dreamy ability given to me!
Where will it take me? Who can I be?
I am now on a dreamer's island.
It's not made of rocks and covered with dirt;
it's more like a cloud island, so luxuriously soft.
Bright and shiny it is, with forests emerald green,
and the sweetest music played by a band not seen.
Soft with aromas that rise,
like none I have experienced;
this night in this rainbow paradise
I am floating, and floating, and loving it all.
In this dreamland, I see the night sky
once again, and the stars are not stars;
now I see so many fireflies, flying so high,
and there, too, the fairies dance with them!
Then I think to myself, “What a splendid dream!”
During my waking hours I had always thought,
“Wow! It would be so nice to be a little fairy!
And to fly high among the stars so bright;
a magical little fairy flying with the fireflies!”
Then I think of you on summer nights
and how much nicer it would be
if you were a little fairy, too,
on an island that floats like a magical cloud!
We could fly everywhere on this beautiful island,
leave our cares and worries behind,
and just be carefree and joyful.
This mystical island we would illuminate,
with our magical fairy lights!
So beautiful would this magic be,
both of us always together, happily,
lighting up this cloud island
for other other fantasy dreamers to see.

Composed by Cynthia

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day.

ڰۣ❤In Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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